Gulf of Mexico Fishing for Redfish in Pasco County Florida

What a great time I had visiting the ICAST show in Florida this month.  What put the icing on the cake was a trip to Pasco County to fish for Redfish with Captain Randy Schoneman of  Barefoot Bandit Charters.  Joining me on the trip was Ed Caum of the Pasco County Tourism.

The fishing was good and more fish than what were caught on camera made it to the boat.  I was surprised that we got these fish in less than 3 feet of water in the Gulf.  We were  just outside of New Port Richey Florida which is a little north of Tampa.

We got the fish using live bait, white fish.  They look like big golden roaches and are all silver.  You'll see a net full of them in the video.  They were baited up on a circle hook below a fixed bobber set at about 2 feet.

We also tried throwing Johnson Silver Minnow spoons and plastic shrimp baits but the live bait is what the redfish wanted.

All of them were from 26 to 27 inches long.  Capt. Randy managed one 18 inch speckled trout.  All fish were released.

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