Go for the BIG Gills at Shabbana next Saturday

Go for the BIG Gills at Shabbana next Saturday

I just learned from good friend, Denny Sands at Shabbona Lake that Saturday, July 14th is the Shabboba Lake Bluegill Open.

The Bluegill is the State Fish of Illinois. It is Illinois favorite fish! Every year thousands of anglers of all ages catch the mighty Bluegill and every catch brings a smile to those fishing or observing. There is nothing like seeing that bobber slowly disappear, as the bluegill swallows your bait and swims off.  We all grew up fishing for Bluegill and they will always be a big part of our fishing expieriences. We may have moved on to fishing for others species, but Bluegill was and always will be Number 1.

This will be the 4th Annual Bluegill Open at Shabbona. It is always their most popular event as it attracts families that spend the day together, combining their catches, to come up with the heaviest stringer of the day of 10 Bluegill.

The last 4-5 years Shabbona Lake has been stocked by over 200,000 Hybrid Redear Sunfish. They grow to much larger proportions than the typical Bluegill. You will find them suspending in the deep trees 8-12 feet down in the tree tops. You will also find them along and in the weed beds. Fish Cribs and brush piles will also be loaded with Bluegills, as that is their summer habitats.

Some of the best tips I can give you to help catch bigger and more gills is to go with light line.  Use 2 to 4 pound test.  Use a small bait.  There's nothing that says you can't use ice fishing jigs now.   Waxworm,  "SMALL" pieces of nightcrawlers, grubs will all work.  I love tossing a Cubby Mini Mite.  Sometime's I'll put on a waxie when the fish seem to want a little meat.

Many people love to fish using a bobber.  Go light here too.  Pencil bobbers are great.  Don't use anything bigger than your thumbnail and you'll detect those light bites.

Grab the kids, Grandma & Grandpa, and head out to Shabbona Lake for this truly Family Event. See you on the 14th!!!

Don't forget when there is a Fishing Open,

Here are some details about the Fishing Open, better known as  The Rules.

Saturday, July 14th, 2012 – 4th Annual Bluegill Open Sponsored by Cabela’s Outdoors of Hoffman Estates – Heaviest Limit of 10 Bluegill will win a gift card from Cabela’s Outdoors.

Please stop and sign in at Lakeside and donate $5.00 to our walleye restocking fund, to double your first place prize to $200, before you going fishing.

The Bluegill must be caught and “weighed in” at Shabbona Lake during the fishing open hours of 6AM to 7PM. You may “weigh in” fish at any time at Shabbona Lakeside.

1st Place gets $100.00 Cabela’s gift card ($200.00 Cabela’s gift card if you donate to our walleye fund. You must donate and sign in at Shabbona Lakeside before going fishing to be eligible for the extra $100.00)

2nd Place gets $50.00 Cabela’s gift card

3rd Place gets $25.00 Cabela’s gift card

How fishing open winners are decided...
Bluegill Open: Heaviest Limit of 10 Bluegills - This is a family event and family members may combine their 10 heaviest Bluegill.
For updates – check www.shabbonalake.com

Pokanoka’s Café will have its famous dollar days as well.

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