Fishing TV Commercials - CONTEST Winner Announced

Thank  you everyone for joining in on this free contest.   Yes, I had a favorite commercial and the one I enjoyed the most is the TUB STOPPER spot.

I put all the names in a hat of those who selected the TUB STOPPER commercial.  One name was drawn and the winner is Christopher Kuchyt from Lockport, IL

Good job everyone.  The contributions for all three of the spots showed that the viewers liked them equally.  It's fair to say that they were all good commercials. 

Keep checking back for more contests.  Maybe you can win next time.


Okay about two weeks ago I get three TV commercials from a PR group who works for Mike's Hard Lemonade.   In the email are three links to YouTube videos.

I have a TV show, Illinois Outdoors. I'm the producer and host and I edit the shows.  So what I'm saying is, I know how these spots were put together.  I like the spots and they’ll fit in well with my viewing audience.

I have basically three different spots, but they all have the same information in the beginning and end.  People in the industry call it a "donut".  You have the good stuff all around the edges with a hole in the middle.   This is where you can make easy changes by editing in some different information and bam... you have a new commercial spot.

I know it can take hours to build a commercial.  With these spots, I must say who ever put them together did a pretty good job.

Ok, here's the deal.  I'm going to show you all three spots. How about you telling me which one you like best.  I have a favorite.

Email me at or comment on this post. I have my selection picked and if you pick the same one (one entry only please) I will place your name in a hat, draw one out and I'll send the winner a handful of fishing baits.

Close friends and family are not eligible.  There is no monetary value to this free contest. No purchase is necessary.  Void where prohibited.  There is no intention here to promote the consumption of alcohol and if you do drink, you should always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive (or go boating).

This contest will end July 16, 2012.

Pick only one -   The Mermaid, The Sailfish,   and The Tub Stopper.

Good Luck!

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