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After getting back from the ICAST Show in Orlando, I finally have been able to go through the emails and gather some recent fishing reports.   Let me share them with you.

From Ken "Husker" O'Malley on Chicago Suburban ponds.

Hey Don, Hope all is well. We ever going to get any rain? This summer has been brutal. Been working hard to keep all our flowers and plants alive. Still have had time to get to the ponds though.  Even with the water temps up and the water levels down, bass still continue the hit. Best time has been the last hour and a half of the day. The larger bass are deeper, while the smaller bass are on the inside weedline. Ponds that are sprayed for weeds have the best shoreline access. Senkos wackey rigged and texas rigged power worms have been the bait of choice.
TTYL,Ken "Husker"

From Steve Welch on Lake Shelbyville.

Now that the water temps are back to 84 and dropping I am really on the crappie. We have had our limit the last three days running and we are catching them non-stop all day long. This lake has so many black crappie that you can wear your arm out setting the hook on the slip bobber rig. It takes about ten fish to get a fish over ten-inches but that is no problem.

We are still fishing at the thermocline depth of fifteen-feet and slightly deeper with a slip bobber and a minnow. Just as simple as it gets. I use my side imaging to locate deep trees and I can see all the fish holding in the branches. We then drop a marker buoy and stay back and use the slip bobbers so we don't spook the fish trying to hover over the top. We are catching everything during the course of the day. I have caught channel catfish as big as twenty-pounds and large mouth bass as big as six- pounds right in the same trees as the crappie.

Picture one is my clients from July 13th holding 58 crappie and some white bass. They are Jason Wrage,Gabriel Stoll and Kenton Stoll.

Picture two is of Conner and Miller Jesson holding the huge channel catfish that Conner caught. on July 12th

Steve Welch, Crappie Specialties  Website:

Jeff "Big Dog" Novak reports on the Boulder Junction area muskie fishing.

With last weeks heat the water temperatures have really gone up. Local blogs by muskie guides and other anglers have strongly recommended that we all give muskie fishing a pass for awhile and let the water cool down.  They are all in fear that muskies caught will not release well.  With the water being in the mid 80s in Northern Wisconsin the high temps can be detrimental to the health of muskies that fight to get off the hook, struggle in a net and being handled to any degree.  Wait till fall for the muskies.  

Walleye fishing has been pretty good.  Like the smallies which are fairly active, they are both in deep water.  Best fishing for all is the last hour of light and 1st hour of darkness.       Jeff "Big Dog" Novak

Here's my report from fishing the Gulf of Mexico

I was able to fish the Gulf with Capt. Randy Schoneman of Barefoot Bandit Charters and Ed Caum of the Pasco County Tourism last Sunday.  What a great experience.  We got several Redfish and all were in the 26 to 27 inch range.  I can't believe what hard fighters these fish are.  We threw plastic shrimp and Johnson Silver Minnows.  We had a few short strikes.  The best bait was Whitefish which look a lot like big silver golden roaches.   They were on a circle hook below a fixed bobber set at about 18 inches.   We were in 3 feet of water.   Randy did manage one Speckled Trout that was about 18 inches.  All fish released.  Great time.   Dz....

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