Fishing Report from Lake Shelbyville

I received a new fishing report from Shelbyville guide Steve Welch.  Here it is...

This week I am poised and ready to hammer the summer crappie. We have cooler temps and more importantly we have wind in the forecast. I need wind to push bait up on the channel banks shore line. This is getting white bass busting shad right on the bank and crappie holding to the end of down trees and deep standing trees on deep channel banks. I am side scanning these banks and checking each down tree for fish out on the end of them. You then drop a way point and toss out a buoy and set your slip bobber to the right depth and commence to catching them. Catch them is what you do. We have been catching over a hundred a day even through this heat spell but now since it is cooler we will really be getting some nice fish.

I am also getting very nice white bass on slip bobbers and minnows on same trees and some very nice large mouth bass and channel catfish as well. We are also getting out our jigging spoons and getting even more white bass and of course those fun hard fighting buffalo. They are bunched up and you can really get into some bruisers topping thirty pounds.

Hopefully the heat spell is behind us and folks can get back on the water.  Visit my website.
Steve Welch

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