Fishing Reports...

First one here is from Ken "HUSKER" O'Malley.

Clinton Lake and South Suburban Ponds

Hey Don,  TJP and I spent the weekend down at Clinton Lake with Arlington Anglers. Fishing was tough as both the bass and crappie were post spawn. Water temps were 83 on the hot side and 73 to 78 on the cool side. Only pattern that seemed to work was fishing water willows on wind blown shorelines. Bass were tucked in tight so pitching a texas rigged chigger craw worked best. It was still a good trip spending time with good friends and enjoying some awesome food.

On another note, finally got a consistent pattern going on our ponds. Wacky rigged senkos have been yielding good catches of bass nightly. Bass are cruising the outside weedlines. It's important to watch your line as you sometimes cannot feel the strike in the thick weeds. Even dad is catching good numbers. Of course it seems he never changes that bait! lol.    TTYL  Ken "Husker" O'Malley

This one's from Steve Welsh.

Lake Shelbyville

The water temps are hovering around 73 and we have experienced no rain and the lake has quit rising and is gin clear. This is making the walleye bite tough on the north end. I have been doing well on the crappie and most days on the white bass if we have a good wind. The points mid lake from Skull on south will be my focus this week if anyone just wants to walleye fish. You have to dedicate your entire day to it and not just after you limit out on crappie. For me as long as I am getting three limits of crappie every day keep going for that but the customer is boss. The problem is the crappie bite is ten miles away from the walleye bite so you just can't bounce back and forth.

For the crappie I am fishing on main lake from Coalshaft over to RR bridge. They have pulled back to mid depths 10 feet of water and even deeper. For me the fish up shallow on the bank are small. This is do to the spawn being completely done and the lake quit rising. I am still doing best using minnows on a slip cork. I can't really fish a jig much since I keep the boat way back from cover and float these rigs over the top of the brush. I have customers that are using my Deep Ledge Jigs in white and are doing very well on them. They are using a 102 Midsouth tube which is a white sparkle or a Bass Pro Baby Shad in Crystal Minnow. Like I said water is gin clear so you need to stay with clear water colors.

For the white bass and the walleye I am throwing my Candy striper in 1/2oz. The difference is I am popping it off bottom and then reeling in the slack for the white bass and I am just reeling it in for the walleye grinding it on bottom. I am still using Big Dudes as well in either white with pink stripes or orange. We are concentrating on points with gravel in the three to six foot range.

I enclosed a picture of my clients from this past Saturday May 19th. We got a four man 60 fish limit on crappie and two nice walleye. The picture is of Melanie Clegg, Steve Majkrzak and his son Steven Majkrzak. So as you can see we are still doing well on crappie.

Steve Welch, Crappie Specialties,

Lake of the Ozarks Fishing Trip

I just returned from the Lake of the Ozarks.  I was able to fish this big body of water for the first time.  It was great.  Loads of big bass on 12 in Berkley worms and 3/4 oz skirted jigs with Chigger Craw trailers worked best.

Fish were in deep water, over 20 feet and the baits had to be dragged slowly.  Most all fish came off points.  We fished several areas on the lake and the pattern seemed to be the same, even with locations being over 20 miles from one another.  Great Trip!

The first photo in this gallery is the one from Shelbyville.  Others are from Lake of the Ozarks

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