Fishing License Sales Up 30 Percent in the First Quarter

The good news is.... according to Southwick Associates, from January through March 2012 fishing license sales increased 30 percent compared to the first quarter in 2011.

Southwick attributes the increase to the warm weather and largely favorable fishing conditions across the country compared to the cold, wet first quarter in 2011.  This report is based on license sales reported by 13 states strategically selected across the U.S.   Twelve of the thirteen states reporting into the fishing license sales index recorded sales increases in the first quarter.

The bad news is... well not really bad, actually good for me.... I'll be helping the stats by getting non-resident licenses this year for Wisconsin, Alabama, New York, Minnesota, Indiana, Arkansas and Michigan. It's early.  Maybe a couple other states.   Besides my Illinois license, I'll be getting these in my travels doing TV shows for Illinois Outdoors TV.

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