I think it's over...

Marcy from Hermann's Lowlife Bar and Grill sent this email.   Sorry for the delay on passing on the info.

Feb. 1st Ice Update: Down to 2 and a half inches good ice in front, with slush on top. Some grey/black patches starting to show around bridge. Bummer. And they just started hittin' crappie a day or two ago...Did have a few guys out there today...but it's plenty warm out, and it's melting as you read this. Kinda doubt we'll have anything safe this weekend. :(

Read on facebook from Bangs Lake Bait Company that the derby scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled due to thawing conditions. We still do not have one scheduled...will let you know, of course!

Also, here's a link about us from Don Dziedzina's Illinois Outdoors blog: http://www.chicagonow.com/illinois-outdoors/2012/01/nielsens-channel-ice-report-13112/ Thanks as always, Don! Marcy

Last Wednesday on the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show, Brent Beckwith of the Walk on Water Ice Fishing Benefit joined us for a quick update on his charity event on Bangs Lake.   This event was cancelled too.  Brent has been checking out the ice conditions on Bangs and other nearby lakes.  He found that Bangs just was not safe for the event.  Other lakes nearby gave him no hope.  People can still contribute to the fundraiser by visiting www.IceBenefit.com.

I have been looking at a lot of ponds in the south suburbs.  Most all are half to completely open.  Other events, like Rock Fest at Shabbona Lake (scheduled for Jan 31) was also cancelled due to poor ice conditions.

I think that ice fishing here in Illinois is over.  Start getting the boats ready boys.

I'm heading to Grand Rapids Minnesota in a week to do some ice fishing with the guys from Frabill and MarCum.  I think I'll be safe with ice up there.


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