Hear about new Berkley baits on Outdoor Radio

Hear about new Berkley baits on Outdoor Radio

On Wednesday, February 22, Jim DaRosa, Ray Ludkevicz and I of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio show will have an exclusive interview with Tammy Cox, Pro Staff Manager for Pure Fishing.   Tammy will tell us about some new baits that will be used by Bassmaster's Classic competitors.   From the Red River out of Shreveport-Bossier City, La., our interview with Tammy can be heard on WCSJ AM 1550, WCSJ FM 103.1, WSPY FM 107.1, WSPY AM 1480, and WSQR AM 1180 live at about 6:40 PM.  (Show runs from 6:30 to 7:30 PM every Wednesday)

Tammy has informed us that Berkley HAVOC and PowerBaits are set to launch brand new shapes into the market at the 2012 Bassmaster Classic in Shreveport, La.

Berkley is releasing the PowerBait 4-inch Thief and the 4-inch Power Claw. The 4-inch Thief features long tentacles and a flat body that makes it glide to the bottom. Designed to burn through grass, wood and open water, the 4-inch Power Claw has a bullet-shaped body that makes it perfect for slicing through cover. With a more durable body and high-action legs this new bait from Berkley is perfect for harsh waters.

At one of the recent outdoor shows in Chicago, I ran into pro angler Mike Iaconelli who was on our show just a few weeks ago.  Mike designed the Smash Tube and says it isn’t simply an ordinary tube. The unique body design of the Smash Tube allows this bait to be fished multiple ways.  Dual colored tentacles also highlight this baits distinctive character.

The Juice Worm is the brainchild of Elite Series pro Boyd Duckett, another guest who we’ve had on our radio show in the past. The 6 and 8 inch models have a unique design that won’t allow the bait to roll over during the retrieve. The applications for this worm are endless for this instant classic.

The HAVOC 5-inch Hawk Hawg was designed by Elite Series pro Bobby Lane.  Its creature bait designed for all seasons. The baits cover the gamut of high-action appendages. Thorax wings give the bait a gliding motion on the fall for a swimming appearance while oversized side appendages on the tail move more water to attract the bass. A pair of long curl tails can’t be still catching the eye of any nearby bass. An easy choice for summer to Wintering bass.

Don’t miss this interview where Tammy tell us about these baits and what’s she’s seeing at the Bassmaster’s Classic.  Maybe she’ll give us some inside scoop on some of the tournament anglers and maybe about who's her favorite.

All Fishing and Outdoor Radio Shows are archived and can be heard online at www.FishingAndOutdoorRadio.com on the LISTEN NOW PAGE.   More info on the new baits can be found at www.Berkley-Fishing.com

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