Shabbona report from the weekend

Ken O'Malley, AKA Husker has sent many reports to me on local waters when I did the weekly Tribune Fishing Report.  He's a dedicated angler and just visited Shabbona Lake in DeKalb County.   Ken sent me a report about his trip there last weekend.  Here's what he said.

Hey Don,  I hit Shabbona yesterday with better success than last week. Ice is still holding up pretty good. Bays have six inches while the main lake has anywhere from four to five. Open areas around the road bed still exists, so use extreme caution. Crappie and gill bite where pretty good on plastics and spikes fishing in brush piles. Cribs didn't seem to produce as well. Dropping the lure down to the bottom and jigging upward was the best tactic as the fish were three feet off the bottom.     Husker

On a side note, Denny Sands from Lakeside Bait and Tackle confirmed over the weekend that there is still open water in some areas.  It's being kept open by local geese using the lake.

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