Nielsen's Channel ice report - 1/31/12

Marcy Paschky (Hermann’s Lowlife Bar & Grill) sent over an ice report from Nielsen's Channel by Port Barrington, NW of Lake Zurich.  This week's weather will be threatening the ice.  Future weather forecasts put a grim look on things.  I promote safety and caution when ice fishing regardless of any ice conditions.  Some guys, as Marcy says, have been out on ice that's only a few inches thick.  With it being wet, use ice cleats.  Go with a friend if you want to try it.  Wear a floatation device and have a 50 ft rope with you in case of an emergency.  Ice picks are a must to help you crawl out of the water.should you fall through the ice.  Be careful out there.   Here's what Marcy had to say.

ICE UPDATE: Well, we had safe ice all last week, mostly catching gills. This past weekend was quite busy with fishermen, and yesterday (Monday) they started hitting the crappies (pre-earthquake crappie run?).

After warm temps yesterday & today, I don't know what kind of ice we'll have...I have a few guys out there today, but none have come in to report yet. Bartender Chris's hubby is on Island Lake today, and just reported they're hearing ice cracking.

Just had one guy come in from the back channels - he says there's about 3 inches, wet on top, and shore starting to get squishy.  Bluegills were nonstop, altho lots of small ones...       Marcy

At about 4:30 PM on Tuesday, Marcy also said....

Okay, guys came in from front channels - still 5 inches ice, shore starting to get sloppy. They had 20 nice crappie!

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