Ice is here, will it stay?

Ice is here, will it stay?
We need ice.. Photo by Jim DaRosa

Marcy Paschky at Herman's Lowlife Bar and Grill send me an email this morning.  They have ice at Nielsen's Channel near Port Barrington.  It's not safe yet she says.   Here's her email message...

"Wow! Who'd have thought I'd be sending this in January?? Anyway, Wayne (Krcmar) says the old ice is about an inch thick, and the new ice was 3/4 inch this morning. He says it's hard, but not safe yet. I'll send messages every day now until it is safe.  See ya soon! Marcy"

That's the good news.  Although the Weather Channel tells us that we can have temps up to 49 degrees on Friday, a look at the next 10 days shows that every night temperatures will be below freezing.  Also in our favor is that there is no precipitation in the forecast.

Will the ice stay?  Well, Marcy said she'll keep us posted.  Check back.

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