Ice fishing report from Shabbona Lake

I received an ice fishing report from Ken O'Malley of Mokena regarding ice conditions at Shabbona Lake in DeKalb County.  Here's what Ken said...

Hey Don,  Finally got on the ice yesterday! Went to Shabbona to fish the open. Ice was holding at 5 inches. There were some open spots around the road bed as the geese have been keeping that area open. Deep trees had 5 inches as well. I was marking crappie most of the day as they were suspended at 10 and 12 feet down. Just could not get them to commit.  Tried various tactics and bait. I would get them to come up and look at the bait,but that was it. Day after a major front and east winds made for a tough day. One guy did manage to catch some nice cats in the deep trees on redworms. Other than that, most had the same results as me.

Highlight of the day came when six bucks crossed in front of my truck while driving in the park. Chili and BBQ sandwich at the restaurant wasn't bad either.   Ken

Five inches of ice is good, but stay clear of the open water that the geese have been using.  Ha!  Do the bucks know when the deer hunting season is over?  I think so.

Thanks Ken.

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