Loving couple on ice

I received this press release from the fine folks at Frabill.  I love their products and have a variety of Frabill products, nets, foul weather suits, bait buckets, etc.

Since my TV show has been working with Frabill, I've been able to meet Brian "Bro" and Heather Brosdahl.  What great people they are.  They both love to fish and I can see it in their eyes that they're probably the happiest young couple on the water.

I want to share with you the press release that came out, but have one complaint.  The info came with a photo of Bro.  I say, where's the photo of Heather?

I've never had the pleasure of fishing with Bro, but I did fish with Heather one time.  She is a great angler and she can catch fish.  Sure, here's a photo of Bro with a nice crappie.  But I include a photo that I took of  Heather with two big crappies when we fished together on Lake Barkley.

From Frabill.....

Frabill ICEOGRAPHY - Brian "Bro" & Heather Brosdahl

They’re the First Couple of ice fishing, Brian “Bro” and Heather Brosdahl. Joined at the hip and forever touching hands as they share maggots from the Crawler Can, this iconic tandem means a lot to modern ice fishing. Together, annually, they traverse the Ice Belt states on a two month promotional and educational tour that lands them back home near Squaw Lake, Minnesota for a well earned New Year’s Eve on the ice, tip-up flags in place of party favors.

Rarely do you get to pull back the shades and see the personal side and private lives of fishing royalty. But as you’ll see, despite their stature in the fishing industry, the Brosdahls are as genuine as they come and lace ‘em up, and slam Eggos every morning just like the rest of us.

Sorry Bro.  I know that the photo of Heather is bigger than your photo.  I was going to fix it to bring them to the same size but then thought.... Nah.

Happy Holidays to the First Couple of Ice Fishing.

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