Kankakee River fishing report

Ed Mullady sent over his latest Kankakee River Fishing Report.   Here it is.

Hi Don,   The Kankakee River is in good fishing condition, but not many are out fishing! Other areas seem to have fewer late in the year also.  These are for both Indiana and Illinois parts of the Kankakee River .   

Catfish Good on 4-6" minnows*cheese baits (if able to keep it on the hook!) Try around Drifts, shorelines, mouths of ditches, bayous, dams.
Smallmouth Bass: Fair to Good.  Fish any open area along shorelines, bridge piers, mouths of bayous.  Try #2,#3 Mepps Spinners, live and imitation minnows.
Northern Pike: Good at mouths of bayous, up into deeper ditches, near Drifts, rocky banks or shorelines, below dams, mouths of bayous.  Good Baits: Red/White Dardevle, weedless Doctor Spoon, Mepps 5, large live minnows.. 4-6" in size.
Walleye: Good along shorelines, below dams, in water logs, creek mouths, drifts, Good Baits: Jig and 3" to 5"minnows, Weedless Doctor Spoons, jointed plugs.
Croppie good on 2-3"minnows, pinkie jigs.     

Have a great New Year...best of everything to you!

Ed Mullady

Happy New year to you too Ed and to all who enjoy fishing the Kankakee River.

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