Fishing Report update on Lake Shelbyville

Fishing Report update on Lake Shelbyville

This report came from Steve Welch...

Lake Shelbyville is as good as anyone will ever see for crappie right now and the boats prove it. There must of been fifty boats in the Wilborn parking lot the last three days. We have been getting our three-man limit or 45 in less than an hour.  Sunday we caught 112 over ten inches and never counted the fish under ten inches. All of this in just three hours. The reason has to be moderate December weather. We have been enjoying nice days in the high forties and low fifties and the water temps are perfect 39-41 and really haven't budged in three weeks.

You can catch fish anywhere on the lake but the north end has bigger fish right now. Meaning Bo-Woods over to Wilborn. South end you have to catch a ton of small fish to get your bigger ones. I have been using heavy wood over brush. They are on the down trees especially on points leaving big coves. Sunday we caught 89 over ten from just one down tree and just moved on they were still biting. Saturday we started on the same tree and pulled over 40 over ten from it including a nice 15 1/4" two pound fish the biggest we have had in the boat on Shelbyville all year.

Lots of colors are working but we have been using my 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jig in Chartreuse with a Bass Pro Baby Shad in 2" ( Crystal Minnow ).  It is white with dark speckles. We have also been using Midsouth tube ( 102 ) also white with sparkles. We have been fishing tight lining or vertical fishing right down in trees no casting with anywhere from 10-14 feet of line out depending on the down tree.

If this weather holds up we will catch them for several more weeks but as they draw the lake down you will have to move further south to find suitable trees in the depth you want. Also the courtesy docks are out so Eagle Creek and Wolfe Creek are the only ramps left with docks.
Steve Welch
Crappie Specialties

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