Sportsman's Letter Bulletin No. 5

Ed Mullady has been coined as the Godfather of the Kankakee River.  There is no one man on this earth that is so dedicated to the Kankakee River like Ed.  He recently decided to distribute bulletins to pass the word on issues that affect the river, fishing and conservation of this precious resource.  Here's Ed's Bulletin No. 5.

SPORTSMAN’S LETTER, Ed Mullady, Editor  815 932 7285
726 S. ELM, KANKAKEE IL 60901  Nov. 7, 2011 – BULLETIN NO. 5
Hi! This is Ed Mullady, with some of the info in my WKAN 1320 am Big Outdoors that is on WKAN, Sat., 6 am and 8 am and again Sun.,6 am and 9 am. Sunday is a rerun of Saturday. ALSO: Look for our Bulletin on DON DZIEDZINA’s Blog Sheet.(Go to then down to Sportsmans Letter Bulletin #4 and #5). Be sure to read Don’s regular (fishing report) as well in the Chicago Tribune.

CONSERVATION  CONVERSATION:  On October 25 (2011) the Kankakee County Board   Planning  Sub-Committee had a Meeting  for the public to voice their opinions of a state of Illinois request for “a Solid Waste Plan prepared pursuant to the Illinois Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Act”.

Attending were several members of the Kankakee County Planning Dept., including Mike VanMill, Planning Director.  Members of the Regional Planning Commission were also present. GOOD NUMBERS of citizens who are concerned about the strong possibility that  some of the County Board members want to add another land garbage dump (usually near Kankakee or Iroquois Rivers or their tributaries) instead of continuing with the present transfer station GARBAGE removal.

►In a sheet handed out at the at an Oct.25 Regional Planning Commission Meeting, comments to be considered were listed:
Landfill Options:
1.    No further landfill development and rely upon transfer stations:
2.    (or) Keep wording as is: and
3.    (or) Open to private industry on suitable land in Kankakee County.
(Note: Comments to be chosen at the coming meeting could  be different)

For those who care about the Kankakee River and tributaries,  forms  may be filled out  and  presented at the next  Public Subcommittee Meeting to the Planning  Subcommittee.  Many plan on giving a short presentation over the microphone, and have a written comment to present to the Committee with  using plain paper and turn your  written thoughts in concerning the  “No further landfill”, or attach your  written thoughts with the Committee’s form.

►For the welfare of our streams, indicate at the Subcommittee Meeting  you want  No. 1 NO FURTHER LANDFILL DEVELOPMENT AND WANT TO RELY UPON TRANSFER STATIONS.  It  is hoped all opposed to this opening of more garbage dumps  will also tell the Subcommittee we do not want this damage to our natural areas. At the Subcommittee Meeting, be sure to stand up and tell them how YOU  do not want additional landfills  in the county..

The Next Meeting is a Subcommittee Meeting  on Tues.,Nov.15 at 6 pm on 4th floor at County Building, 189 E.  Court St. Kankakee, Ill.      Many  plan on giving a short  presentation on the microphone, and have a written comment to present the committee with.    YOU are needed to help give this!
We need to protect the welfare of our natural areas,  our fish and wildlife, and our drinking water.  THE  RIVERS  NEED OUR HELP!
That is about all for this  Bulletin.  It is too bad that we cannot count on all of our elected people to do the best for the wonderful natural areas we have!We thank those who DO CARE ABOUT THE RIVERS!

NOTES: For fishermen, this is a good time to fish for our Kankakee and Iroquois Rivers, as many of the fine walleye, smallmouth and largemouth bass, northern pike, catfish, bluegill,croppie, catfish that call our streams their home! Keep in mind that some public areas(or portions)are closed to fishing during the hunting seasons. There are still plenty of areas to fish at, also.  It is sometimes difficult to decide whether to go fishing, or go hunting! Nice problem to consider! - - - Ed Mullady



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