It's how you look at it

It's how you look at it
Larry Whiteley, Bass Pro Shops

Larry Whiteley is host of the award-winning internationally syndicated “Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World®” Radio Show.  His short story here hits the nail on the head.


A friend of mine and his son went duck hunting the other day. They were up way before daylight,drove to their hunting spot andgot the decoys out just as the sun peeked up over the hill.  After a day of cold rain, a zillion questions from the boy and no ducks, they drove home.

When the dad came through the door I asked him how their hunt was. “O.K.”, he said. “Cold, wet, no ducks. The boy never even got to shoot. Kind of disappointing I guess”.

Then his son came through the door and I also asked him how the hunt was. “It was great!”, he said.

“Dad and I spent the whole day together. We didn’t get to shoot but we talked a lot.”

Then he walked off beaming with pride and satisfaction. I guess it’s all a matter of how you look at it isn’t it?

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