A "Must-have" for Tree Stand Hunters

Have you ever climbed your tree stand, got all situated and ready to hunt, then you realize you're missing a glove? You look down and it’s lying on the ground. If this hasn’t happened to you, don’t worry it will.

I met a bowhunter on a recent hunting trip that is producing an awesome little gadget for just this situation. The Silent Retriever is a handy device that enables hunters to retrieve any items they have dropped without climbing down the tree and picking it up. Packaged in a plastic tube, it’s compact so you can keep it in your pocket, and it’s quiet. Basically, it’s like a little tiny grappling hook attached to a 25-foot long cord. What if you drop your cell phone? No worries. The kit comes with Velcro dots that you can attach to hard items, like a phone. Trust me this thing is worth it.
Get more info at www.thesilentretriever.com.

If only I had a gadget that would retrieve items I forget in my truck…

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  • Someone is really going to climb up a tree with that. Instead of the usual "hunter wasn't wearing orange and was shot" there will be "hunter impaled by some double grappling hook."

  • I certainly would Jack. It comes in a plastic tube that protects it. There have been times that I have let my release slip off or as Dan said a glove that may fall off while getting situated.
    It may look crazy, but It isn't much different then having a knife attached to your belt? Which is more dangerous? Or how about that broadhead that you are trying to tighten with your hands?

  • Dude, it's about the size of a 35mm film canister. And it's enclosed in a plastic tube.

  • Unique little item that can save the day on a hunting trip while in the stand. Going up and down in a ladder treestand is hard enough for some of us older hunters, but using a climber then finding out that something was left behind or dropped starts your hunt off on the wrong foot. I see that it's small enough to put in a pocket in your jacket, shirt or pants. Pretty cool. Good job Dan.

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