Video of shooting a cannon at outdoor writers conference

Dan Stefanich of Dan Stef Outdoors ( and Contributing Outdoor Blogger at Illinois Outdoors gets to fire off a cannon during the Shooting Day at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers conference at Rathbun Lake in Iowa.

While visiting the Steelclay Shooting Sports outdoor range in nearby Eddyville IA (phone - 641-969-4397) Dan was shown how to load up the cannon, and fire it off.


We also got to shoot 5-stand, a crossbow, and try a wide assortment of firearms from handguns, to semi-automatic firearms and shotguns.



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  • That was a trip. Everyone should fire a cannon at least once in their life!!! Let's hear it for our buddies at Steel Clay Shooting Sports:

  • Dan, I agree. Although I didn't strike the match, I was able to get up close to tape you shooting the cannon. I can only imagine what it was like in years gone by when cannons like this were used in battles in fields like the one we were in. The roar of the cannon alone was intimidating enough. I would of enjoyed learning more about it like how far would the cannonball fly or what kind of damage can it actually do. Anyhow, good job... FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

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