There's more than fishing and hunting in Williamson County

There's lots to do in Williamson County.  Yes some of the state's best fishing and hunting can be had down there.  But what if you go on a trip to Williamson County with you better half and she's looking for something a little different to do?  No problem.  Southern Illinois offers many great tourism opportunities.

Here are a few things that are coming up in Williamson County.  This came in from the Williamson County Tourism Bureau.  visit their site at

You can certainly tell that FALL is here! Leaves are falling, nights are cooler and the smell of turkey is around the corner. Many are already planning after Thanksgiving shopping excursions. If the crowds aren't for you go to the Annual Christmas Craft and Wine Fair held at the Marion Pavilion. Check our website for more exciting events.

November Events
Christmas Craft and Wine Fair
November 5 & 6 is the Christmas Craft and Wine Fair held at the Marion Pavilion. This 2 day event includes vendors from all over the region.

November 12 & 13 is Autumnfest. This event is held at John A Logan and features arts crafts, children's activities, and music.  

Annual Christmas Home Tour
November 27 is the the Christmas Home Tour. This tour features 6 homes in Marion. Proceeds benefit the Civic Center Foundation.  

Exploration Made EZ
November is a busy time of year. Whether you're busy planning a menu for Thanksgiving or getting an early start on Christmas shopping, now is the time for a getaway and Williamson County is the perfect place for just that. This time of year there are plenty of craft shows where a person could get a headstart on Christmas shopping. Afterwards a lunch at Bennie's would be great. At the end of your day you could enjoy a relaxing ride through the country to enjoy a glass of wine at Honker Hill Winery.

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Shannon Johnson
Williamson County Tourism Bureau


The Williamson County Tourism Bureau is a sponsor of Illinois Outdoors.


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  • What should I be fishing for in November before it gets to cold.

  • Crappies.. Starting now and up into December crappies are the best. They're shallow and deep. Minnows will get more and bigger fish now, but plastics alone will work too.

  • In reply to Don Dziedzina:

    I keep catching them but all 6 inch or less, know any place that produces a bit bigger?

  • In sourhtern Illinois Todd Gessner and Jason Johns have been slaying the crappies, big ones on Rend Lake. Live bait.

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