The AuCoin report for October 2011

The AuCoin report for October 2011

October's AuCoin Report...

The AuCoin Report -News Briefs from the Great Outdoors for October 2011

Louisiana wildlife officer killed
Paul Stuckey, 47, an 18-year veteran agent with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, was shot and killed after responding to a call of night hunting. His body was found by a fisherman on the banks of the Mississippi River near St. Francisville. (WWL via

Animal activists block F&W offices
About a dozen people from the Portland Animal Defense League put horseshoe-shaped bicycle locks around their necks and through door handles, blocking entry to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife building. Protestors held signs and chanted through bullhorns against the decision to kill two wolves responsible for killing livestock. (Statesman Journal)

Dolphin with artificial tail now a movie star
Dolphin Tale, the movie about a dolphin with an artificial tail, is now in theatres and already there is talk about it being one of the best animal movies ever. Dolphin Tale is about Winter, a real life dolphin who has become a role model to children who have lost a limb or are coping with other physical disabilities. Winter plays herself and shares credits with co-stars Harry Connick Jr., Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. Clearwater Marine Aquarium reports visitors have quadrupled since Dolphin Tale opened September 23. Tourism officials believe this is just the start of something big. (St. Petersburg Times, Ad Age, Washington Post, Clearwater Marine Aquarium)

America's Cup will cost San Fran
America's Cup sail racing finals will be held in San Francisco in 2013 but for now the focus is on how to pay for it. Early on citizens were told the race would not cost The City but now it is starting to look like taxpayers will be expected to pay for organizing costs of $20 million or more if the money cannot be raised from private interests. Nevertheless, some city officials are saying the premier sailboat race will bring in more than $1.4 billion to the city and surrounding area. (San Francisco Examiner)

Sport angler decline
The number of U. S. sportfishing participants declined by 10 percent between 2006 and 2010, and most of the drop was between 2009 and 2010. In 2006 there were 49.7 million participants. The Outdoor Industry Association conducted 38,742 online interviews with individuals and families. Other conclusions: males constitute 68.2 percent of total participants. The seven seaside states of the South Atlantic region have the most anglers of any region, 18.4 percent of the total. (Outdoor Industry Association.

Pork Choppers shoot feral pigs
The U.S. has a wild pig problem in search of solutions. One getting the green light from Texas state officials is helicopter hunting. Texas has declared October “Get the Hogs Outta Texas” month allowing Lone Star State “pork-choppers” to target feral pigs through 2011. (Fox News)

New: Fantasy Hunting League
Fantasy sports leagues are a growth industry. The Fantasy Sports America Trade Association estimates 32 million participants just in the U.S. and Canada. Baseball and football are top of mind categories. Now there is a Fantasy Hunting League. Participants pick a team and follow the hunters wandering the woods in search of big game. When they score, the player scores. (Field and Stream, Fantasy Hunting)

Kentucky Lake scores Lady Bass Classic
Pro tournaments are not just for men. The Lady Bass Anglers Association (LBAA) scheduled its first world series – Lady Bass Classic October 6-8 at Kentucky Lake. Pam Martin-Wells of Bainbridge, Georgia was a heavy favorite. (

Carp Tournaments: highly seasoned
Professional fishing tournaments are big in America but now there's a new kind of fishing tournament, a very different kind – the carp tournament. Instead of lures, carp pros set the table for carp by chumming heavily with strong aroma foods like mixed ground grains, corn, chili peppers, germanium oil, garlic and cinnamon. In Chicago’s recent Chicago Carp Classic winner Amos Behanna shared his secret recipe: 18 ounces of quick oats, 24 ounces of old-fashioned grits, 18 ounces of homemade bread crumbs, 3 ounces of instant grits, one can of creamed corn, one can of drained sweet corn and two packages of banana pudding. (Detroit Free Press, Chicago Sun-Times)

Asian Carp: just eat 'em
Asian carp numbers are soaring. Illinois is ground zero in the battle to manage the rapidly populating invasive from China. Now Illinois is partnering with a couple of big name chefs from Louisiana to get people to serve Asian carp. "We’ve got to show people that this fish tastes good. It can be worked with preparation wise, and this fish can be very servable and very edible in every capacity," said Travis Loyd, deputy director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Louisiana chefs Philippe Parola and Tim Creehan are on the case. Parola insists the fish is just as good looking as a salmon or a lake trout. "So quit calling it ugly because it's not ugly," he said. (Voice of America)

Call me Skye the Boating Dog
"My name is Skye. I’m the new Border Collie around here. My assignment is to be the office dog and security dog for the Southwest Florida Yachts charter fleet. I also serve as the personal house pet and boat dog for my new parents, Barb and Vic Hansen. Barb, my new mom, asked me to write this month’s column so I could tell you my story."

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