Sportsman's Letter Bulletin # 4

The following was received from Ed Mullady of the Sportsman's Letter.

This is Issue #4 of the Sportsman's Letter Bulletin.  Ed felt that it would be great to share the bulletin with the readers of this blog, so sit back, relax and enjoy reading what Ed has to say about the Kankakee River.   Future Bulletins will be coming so keep checking back.


Sportsman’s Letter,726 S. Elm,Kankakee,IL

Hi! This is our fourth Kankakee River Bulletin.  The Kankakee River is getting a little amount of much needed
water, especially the tributaries. Fishing continues fair to good, depending upon daily changes. Keep in mind
this bulletin is similar to the WKAN 1320 am Big Outdoors this is on WKAN, 1320 am radio, 6 and 8 am on
Sat., and 6 and 9 am Sunday. Sunday is a rerun of Saturday.

say anything about the harm this supposed “money-maker” airport will cause with important Kankakee River tributaries, and the Kankakee River itself.  There are many pro airport groups that don’t even realize:
1)Some problems will be pollution running off of pollution from planes, runways, traffic, especially De-Icer procedures. These and other items are going to do great environmental damage to the areas of ditches and creeks that are important tributaries flowing to the Kankakee River.
2)The tributaries to the Kankakee River at present are spawning areas for fish and various natural foods for fish. Many tributaries and their shorelines are also home for wildlife, including, deer, songbirds, waterfowl, trees and plant life.
3)The following creeks to be harmed include *Black Walnut Creek *Marshall Slough *South Branch of Walnut Creek flowing into Rock Creek through Kankakee River State Park into the Kankakee River. These are all very important to help preserve our highly rated natural areas that many of us would like to see preserved for current and future generations.
4)It is also a good possibility that nearby Forked Creek may be  enlarged to drain into the Kankakee River near Wilmington, IL?
5)Plans possible may be added to the airport Trim Creek from Beecher,IL(Trim Creek begins at east end of the airport boundary and enters the Kankakee River about 1 mile east of Momence,IL).
6)More run off may be entering from the airport include  Exline Slough into Baker Creek into the Kankakee River between Aroma Park and Kankakee.
There are many outdoor minded people who do NOT WANT THIS AIRPORT.
There are those who want the 110 million dollars set aside by Gov. Quinn and many of our area politicians
to purchase land for the airport NOW so as to buy land for this environmental disaster before the FAA has even
approved it.  I understand that 10 million is for eminent domain so private land can be taken at price state wants to pay for it.

It would appear that 110 million dollars could be used for such things as road repairs, paying owed bills,
school needs, more police, and many other needs rather than destruction of a big part of our Kankakee River, our state park and many natural Kankakee River Valley location.

SCHNEIDER  ETHANOL  PLANT  LAND  FOR SALE!  Reported to us this past week there are two big signs stating FOR SALE, on the proposed land that POWERS(Indiana) has been trying to locate the money to buy the area with.  Many  had thought they had ALREADY purchased the land. This does not mean the  battle to protect the area from the Ethanol Plant pushers is over with.  If you haven’t already, you can read more about this by clicking on to: NWI Times and searching for the article:” Schneider property proposed  for  trash-to-ethanol plant now up for sale. Nice article by writer Marc Chase of the NWI Times.

“This is Ed Mullady, requesting you do not litter, and wishing you good fishing,good hunting and a good Time
in the Big Outdoors along the Kankakee River!”


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