Northland offers new ice line

Northland offers new ice line

Ice fishing is just around the corner.  Sure, we're still in the month of September but it makes no sense to wait until the last minute to run out to your favorite tackle shop to pick up some new gear, a few new lures or fishing line so when first ice comes, you'll be ready.

Okay, you're not ready to put on your bibs and heavy jackets, but maybe by reading this press release from Northland tackle, you'll get the inspiration to act on getting ready for first ice soon.

New fishing line earns title of “World’s Finest Silk”?

BIONIC ICE® FLUOROSILK shocks the fishing world with its unmatched manageability

Bemidji, MN - In nature, amazing little worms manufacture some of the most supple yet strong fibers on the planet. On the ice, “silk” is flawlessly wound on reels then deployed to feel the faintest touch, and muscle the lake’s mightiest beasts. New from Northland® Fishing Tackle, BIONIC ICE® FLUOROSILK makes even the silkiest of silk worms jealous with its airy transport through the rod guides and incomparable properties of softness and strength.

Engineered by Northland® Fishing Tackle’s fishing line experts, and rigorously tested by TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro Staff, BIONIC ICE® FLUOROSILK blends the principal properties of a co-polymer nylon line – knot-strength and manageability – with the invisibility and higher density of fluorocarbon. At its core, BIONIC ICE® FLUOROSILK is founded upon an elite co-polymer nylon strand. Next, the scientifically formulated line is coated with an “invisible to fish” ultra-slick fluorocarbon sheath. Together, the two ingredients make BIONIC ICE® FLUOROSILK the highest performing fishing line to hit the shelves this season.

“The BIONIC ICE® FLUOROSILK is a “no-compromise” multi-polymer ice fishing line that my guiding clients and I have learned to depend on in clear water,” says the ‘Pan Man’ and TEAM NORTHLAND Pro Staff Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. It is designed with a fluorocarbon coating to provide invisibility, resistance to freezing, and to stay limp and manageable in sub-zero conditions. With a nylon co-polymer core, this ‘best of both worlds’ line provides excellent knot strength, proven durability and toughness I can depend on. It is also denser and sinks faster than regular monofilament to provide me with quicker drops to get to active fish. Finally, a multi-polymer line that does it all! I trust BIONIC ICE® FLUOROSILK to help me catch more and bigger fish through the ice.”

BIONIC ICE® FLUOROSILK is available in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6 -and 7-pound test diameters to fine-tune line weight and strength to your presentation and size of targeted species. The unique fishing line, which is available in ICE GREY and CLEAR colors, is perfect for bull bluegills, slab crappies, pound-plus perch and lunker walleyes. You can trust BIONIC ICE® FLUOROSILK for all of your ice fishing line needs.

For more information and a 2012 catalog, contact Eric Naig or John Crane, Northland Fishing Tackle®, 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN  56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723 or email us at  Website is


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  • Fall trout fishing announced

    I can't believe nothing close south of chicago. I know the Forest preserve stock in couple locations but very hard to find them online. Don, you know anything about that?

  • Sag Quarries is one location that gets trout. There are locatinos in Kankakee too Lakes are selected based on their ability to sustain trout. Although most are caught within a week or two, there are survivors and they need water temps conducive to their likings. I don't think shallow ponds can hold trout.

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