Fall Radio Show Trip brings big fish for guests and hosts

Labor Day week the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show hosted a fishing trip to Lake Mille Lacs in Mnnesota.

It was a great trip for all.  Both the guests and hosts did very well in catching some big fish.  Smallmouth bass up to 6.2 pounds, with many 4s and 5s were caught.  Walleyes up to over 7 pounds were caught.

One day, Radio Show Pro Staffer Jeff Novak and I fished a small lake and spent the day catching bass, walleye and northern pike.  The fishing was so good that we vowed not to leave until we reached 100 fish for the day.  We started fishing at about 9 AM and left at about 5PM.  We got our 100 fish of various sizes.  Most of the bass were from 12 to 16 inches.  The walleye were few and small but we were able to bring a couple of 30 inch northerns into the boat and Jeff's big one, a 42 incher.

Well, it's easier to show photos of our fish than to write about them.  So for now. check out the photo gallery and enjoy.

Want to enjoy a trip like this in 2012?  Mark your calendars now.  Our trip is held Wednesday thourgh Sunday following Labor Day, 5 to 9 September 2012.  See you there!!!

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