ThermaCell Lantern keeps mosquitoes from bugging me

On occasion I feel that a post needs to be brought back to the top of the list.  This is one that may save you some grief in the outdoors.

With our recent heat in the Chicagoland area, we've been forced to stay indoors to take advantage of the air conditioning.   But after several days of being locked up, I want to get outdoors and the best time is in the early morning or evening when the temperatures are coolest.

One would think that since everything has been so dry that the mosquitoes would be gone but they're not.  I love to fish and because my trips during hot weather are short and close to home I do get out in the morning or evening for awhile but I'll bring my ThermaCell with me.  I'll use this ThermaCell  lantern or use one that fits in a holder and attach it to my belt.

For people who enjoy the outdoors, the ThermaCell is something that will keep those skeeters from bugging you.

For the post on the hand held unit, CLICK HERE.

I've been in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and in my own back yard.  I think that with all the rain that we've been having the mosquito problem has  been worse this year than many in the recent past.

I have a number of ThermaCell products and find them to be the best solution for keeping the mosquitoes away.  I've used them while cleaning fish outdoors and while enjoying a cool night on my patio.  In the boat, the they work quite well too.  I keep my units on the floor, out of the way, and they keep me from "being bugged" while fishing early in the morning or just before sundown.

I grabbed a press release on ThermaCell's lanterns and pasted it below.  You may find it interesting.  There are some photos that I took from one of their press kits below also so you can see the different units in use.  I give them a 5 star rating as they are the solution to pesky mosquitoes.

ThermaCELL, manufacturer of the only portable, butane-operated, area mosquito repellent, currently has two full-size lanterns in its product collection that provide unmatched protection from flying insects as well as ambient light. ThermaCELL Lanterns are up to 98 percent effective at repelling mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums. Plus, they are lightweight, making them easy to transport whether you are hunting, camping, fishing or watching outdoor sports events. Both Lanterns provide protection in just minutes that last for hours.

How the Lanterns Work

The Lanterns operate on a single butane cartridge, which heats a mat releasing allethrin, a synthetic copy of a natural insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers that create a 15 x 15 ft comfort zone.  Each repellent mat provides up to four hours of protection and each butane cartridge provides up to 12 hours of operation.


ThermaCELL Patio Lantern

The European inspired Patio Lantern was introduced in 2007 and is aesthetically pleasing with a wrought iron look. Designed with a frosted globe, the Lantern offers two illumination settings. The Patio Lantern is perfect for deck use and for outdoor entertaining. In addition, the lantern light and mosquito repellent can be used separately or together.

ThermaCELL Outdoor Lantern

Introduced in 2010, the Outdoor Lantern has many updated features for use in the great outdoors: eight LEDs offer twice as much light as the Patio Lantern model; the easy-grip handle makes the lantern easy to carry or hang, and the Lantern weight, at under a pound, makes transport a breeze. In addition, the lantern light and mosquito repellent can be used separately or together.

ThermaCELL Lanterns Feature

  • Protects against up to 98% of mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums
  • Creates a 15 x 15 foot comfort zone in minutes
  • Repellent option operates on a single butane cartridge and includes three mats
  • Light function on four AA batteries (not included)

For more information on ThermaCELL’s complete line of products, testimonials, or store locations visit or call 1-8-NO-SKEETERS (866-753-3837).

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