New Ice Fishing products for 2011/2012 announced by Frabill

I'm pretty excited.  Next month I'll be going to the ICAST show, the largest fishing tackle manufacturers show in the world.   There, I'll get to see the newest products in the fishing industry as this is the show were it will be seen first.

Frabill just sent out a press release letting us all know about the new ice fishing products that are coming out for 2011/2012.  Check it out....


Frabill storms in with 21 - yes 21 - innovative hardwater must-haves for first ice

Jackson, Wis. - Okay, we're tipping our cards early. And not because
we're sloppy card players, but rather it's hard to keep so much ice
fishing enthusiasm bridled, even in June. So here's a primer.


Frabill FXE Windproof Jacket
Custom engineered by Snosuit brain-wizard Chris Leonard, this is the finest garment in its class

Frabill Suit

Affordable Jacket and Bib package with 'Frabill design standards' - it'll make the others blue...

Frabill Midlayer Fleece
Frabill puts the 'Arctic' back in fleece with this fishing-specific, ergonomically engineered jacket

The Shuttle (two sizes)
World's first true solution for transporting and storing ice fishing gear - truly revolutionary

Commando MAX and Trekker MAX
Two of Frabill's finest shelters where the Shuttle is now the base, providing storage for all the essentials

Ready-to-Fish, Pro Thermal Insulated Tip-Up
(Legal) steroid-using version of Frabill's legendary tip-up, and with all the fixin's

Dawg Bone and Ice Spider Tip-Ups
Shockingly compact and wickedly performing tip-ups designed for the most mobile anglers

Hardwater Woman Series
Combos and tip-ups thoughtfully engineered, not just prettied up for the serious female ice angler

Stick Tip-Up Series (5 models)
Frabill has taken the archaic, yet effective stick tip-up design and ushered it into the 21st Century

Great Lakes Premium Tip-Up
If you were to conjure up the ultimate tip-up, considering features and quality equally...this is it
Extendable Flag
Take a timeless Frabill Thermal tip-up and lend it length to see a flag fly from double the distance


Ice Chisels
Four sizes and styles forged with Frabill quality and intuitive designs for unique applications

Straight Line Combo
Frabill Pro Brian "Bro" Brosdahl turns a secretive ice fishing technique into a crafty new product

Rod Safe Storage Case
If you build the best ice rods in the business, you might as well make the best companion hard case

Titanium Spring Bobber
Throw the others away, or give 'em to a newbie. This is soon to be the go-to device for panfish purists

Call it "Black Jack," laying a 21 on the table. Read 'em and 'reap'.

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