Mann's Does it Again!

From our friends at Mann's Bait Company....


Jointed 20_ preferred.JPG

May 16, 2011. In 1986, Mann's® Bait Company introduced the first crankbait to break the 20 foot depth barrier, the patented 20+™. The patented lip that created this possibility has been used to create a line of fresh and salt water lures known for their deep diving and fish catching abilities.

Twenty five years later, Mann's® is proud to announce the deepest running jointed crankbait ever-The JOINTED 20+™. The JOINTED 20+ will be displayed for the first time at the ICAST SHOW in Las Vegas in July.

Reaching depths of over 20 feet makes this patented lure run deeper than any other 2 piece crankbait plus it has a swimming motion rivaling that of soft plastic swimbaits. The JOINTED 20+™ also produces a unique sound and vibration that draw fish like a magnet.

The JOINTED 20+™ will be available in early December and will be offered in 10 of fishing's most popular colors and patterns. The lure is 3 3/8 inches long, weighs ¾ of an ounce and will be packaged in a form fitting clamshell.

Mann's® Bait Company, a leading manufacturer, produces a broad range of fish catching products for both fresh and saltwater markets, consisting of spinnerbaits, crankbaits, soft plastics, lead lures and hollow body baits.

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