Rend Lake will offer excellant fishing this coming week.

Crappies caught this week at Rend Lake... These are 12 inchers and larger.

The Illinois Outdoors TV Spring Trip to Southern Illinois will be here next week.  There has been a lot of concern with high water at Rend Lake and fishing conditions.

I received an email from a good friend of mine, Todd Gessner of Todd Gessner Outdoors and he pretty much is putting all of our concerns to rest.  The fishing will be fantastic.

Take a look at these crappies that were caught yesterday.  That board is small and those are 12 inch and larger crappies.   See Todd's email below.  If you'd like to join us on the trip, we have a couple openings, just email me at  For details on the trip, CLICK HERE.

Don, Just wanted to let you know what you and your friends should expect next week!  Finally you should arrive at Rend with pretty much excellent conditions! As of 5am this morning the lake level is 410.4. It had dropped .14 in the last 24 hours and is starting to stabilize from the rapid falling for the last week! You should really hit it about perfect!

The fish are still in major spawning mode and can be caught in Rend's famous bushes where there is plenty of water!  They taking minnows below a float or tube jig.

The attached picture is of a recent catch. It doesn't look like much if I don't tell you the board they're on is 10"!

Sorry I won't be able to share the great fishing! I'm finally on my way north. Please say hello and good fishing to everyone for me! I know Jason, Travis and Chad will be happy to help anyone struggling!

Have a great time! See you up north!

Todd Gessner,


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