Northwoods Newsletter from the Forest Lake Country Store


The Northwoods Newsletter  from the Forest Lake Country Store.  This really is getting me anxious to head north.  I'll be there next month catching smallies, walleyes and maybe a muskie or two. 

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June 2011 Newsletter


The sun is making its presents known for a long portion of each day.  The first present is the trees morphing from a brownish grey crown to red and green buds.  With longer days and the intermittent rains the buds pop open and the leaves start to spread.  A small change each day, but all of a sudden you cannot see into the woods any longer. 

Another present from the sun are the birds singing in the budding trees.  The songs start at the first gray light.  Usually a solitary robin wakes the world with its beautiful song.  Other birds join in, until there is a cacophony of bird song emanating from every tree and bush.  It lasts all day until near dark.  Each bird winds down until there is a single robin handing the singing baton over to the frogs and maybe a whippoorwill.  At dark the loons usually chime in with the reverberating wail that salutes the departing sun. 

Summer is also bringing a tide of seasonal residents returning from warmer winter climes.  Like the tree buds and bird song, the return of seasonal residents and weekend vacationers are a sure sign of summer.  Old friendships are rekindled, catching up with tales of families near and far. 

We look forward to seeing you in the north woods to share the presents of the sun and to catch up on your winter tales.  Please stop in and say hello and share a story or two.

New in the Store

We are loading the shelves for the start of summer.

In the beer cooler look for Leinie sampler packs in cans.  The perfect package for pleasing a crowd.  On the deck, dock or pontoon boat, these cans are sure to please.  Look for Sprecher Mai Bock.  A sure sign of summer, Sprecher Mai Bock is one of the favorite seasonal releases.  MGD 64 Lemonade; new this summer.  Low calories and a unique lemonade flavor make this a refreshing summer drink.  There are too many more to mention.  Do not forget our Mix-Pack opportunities.  You can fill a 6 pack holder with any six 12 ounce beers for just $9.99!  Have your own in house tasting. 

On the wine racks you will find SeaGlass, a new winery from the Trinchero Family Estates.  Available in Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling, these are affordable and very approachable wines.  We also have "Bandits", a unique package of wine.  Soft sided, full liter bottles of three great summer wines; Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Sangria.  All are great on the deck, dock and pontoon boat.  Kind of like a grown up juice box, you never worry about glass bottles for your outdoor wine drinking.

If you are looking for Vodka we have 1.75 liter bottles of Barnett vodka for $10.99 each.  There is also a mail in rebate; buy two bottles get $10 back!  A great buy for your holiday entertaining!

On the dry goods shelves look for more dry soup choices, new crackers, and Zesty Italian mushrooms in quart jars. 

Long time favorites are the pints of Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, Amish jams, the salsa and chip rack and the artisan cheese choices.  Great food and a whole lot more is our motto.  We hope to surprise you with our selection on your visits to the store this summer!


Events in the Store

June 18th 10 AM - 12 Noon  Jon Helminiak Book Signing Land O' Lakes Book

Jon is an adventurer, motivational speaker, and seasonal resident to Land O' Lakes.  Check out Jon's web page.  Like so many others he is enamored with the beauty and unique heritage of Land O' Lakes.  Jon worked with the cooperation of the Land O' Lakes Historical Society and many long time residents to create a pictorial book on the history of Land O' Lakes.  The book is being printed by Arcadia Publishing and is set to release on June 6th.  Jon will be here to present his book, then sign copies of this book.  The Forest Lake Country Store will donate all profits from the book signing to the Land O' Lakes Historical Society.  Everyone needs at least one copy for the cabin, one for each member of the family living elsewhere and then buy one as a very thoughtful Father's Day gift (the day after the book signing).   With any luck we can encourage Jon to bring copies of his other book releases.

August 13th  Ride with Leinie  Fundraiser for the WLT Bike Trail

More information will follow on this event in the next newsletter.  Mark your calendar and plan to be here!  It will start with a ride from Land O' Lakes to the Forest Lake Country Store, led by Dick Leinenkugel and his wife on the existing bike trail.  A second and longer ride will leave Land O' Lakes, counter clockwise around Sylvania and arrive at the store.  Back at the store there will be a beer tasting with all available Leinenkugel's beers on hand.  The WLT staff will also have brats for sale.  Cost includes a chance to win a Leinenkugel canoe.  More information to follow; watch your emails!

News from the Northwoods

From the Friends of the Library, for the Land O' Lakes Public Library.

The Friends helps the local Library in many ways.  They assist the Library with staff at busy times.  They spearhead many fund raising efforts and events at the library.  The Friends has recently received their own 501 (c) (3) status, making any donations you may make tax deductable.  For more information you can contact the Friends at They can answer questions about membership, donations or events.  The current Board includes Tony Zoars, (President), Clare Okraszewski (Vice-President), Karen LaBelle (Treasurer) and Rhoda Sharpee (Secretary).  These four lead a large cadre of volunteers to set the Land O' Lakes Public Library apart as your best information resource in the north woods. Library hours are

Monday, Thursday and Saturday 9 AM - Noon,

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 AM - 5 PM.

Remember the efforts of the Headwaters Food Pantry.  A handful of loyal local people organize and manage this effort to provide food for less fortunate local residents.  Over 60 families rely on the pantry for their primary source of food.  If you are visiting for the weekend and have some canned or dry goods that you cannot use drop them off at one of the convenient Food Pantry boxes.  There are drop boxes at the LOL Chamber of Commerce, the bank in Phelps, Jensen-Akins in Conover, Headwaters Bank and here at the Forest Lake Country Store.  If you care to make cash contribution, checks can be mailed to:

Land O' Lakes Food Pantry
PO Box 561
Land O Lakes WI 54540

The ISCCW has produced long adhesive boat sticker that details the look of different fish species and, more importantly, how to identify the different invasive species.  These will look great on the gunwale of every boat, and are available for a $5 donation to the ISCCW.  We have some hanging in the store, and you can find them at Nordines, Bent's Camp, The Tackle Box and many other spots in town. 


Events in the North Woods

June 4th  Boulder Junction Walleye tournament 

Four area lakes are included in this catch and release tournament. Headquartered at Headwaters Restaurant & Tavern. All proceeds benefit the Boulder Junction Boat Landing Improvement Fund. Contact: (715) 385-2400

June 4-5th  Wisconsin Free Fishing weekend

Each year the Wisconsin DNR has a Free Fishing weekend.  No licenses required.  Residents or non-residents.  If you are looking for a good reason to come up north with kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces and want save a bundle on licenses, this is the weekend to be here.

This is a great place to remind you of the Fishing Pier on Wood Lake just beyond the Country Store on Wood Lake Road.  It is handicap accessible and offers a great opportunity to catch perch or a mess of bluegills.  The Land O' Lakes Fish and Game Club built this pier.  Remember we have three or four loaner rods at the store if you want to borrow them for a couple hours of fishing. 

June 11-12 Michigan Free Fishing Weekend

Similar to Wisconsin, all the Michigan waters are free to fish for residents and non-residents alike.  Fill the cabin with family and give them all fishing lessons.  Fill the freezer with fillets.  No license cost for these two summer days!

June 11th Great Northern Beer Festival in Eagle River

Held at Hi-Pines Campground.  Try micro brews and craft beers from over 20 breweries.  They will all be bringing many of their best brews.  There is also a chance to try samples from the Home Brewers Club.  Ticket prices include a souvenir glass.  For ticket info and to have any questions answered call 715 891 0421.

June 18 - 19th GRABAAWAR Kick off in Land O' Lakes

GRABAAWAR is an annual bicycle ride from the headwaters of the Wisconsin River to the confluence of the Mississippi River.  Up to 500 bikers will be in town, revving up for the ride.  Head downtown to see all the bright colors, bikers, and the launch of this event! 

June 19th  Bent's Camp CCROA Fathers Day Pancake Breakfast  8 - 11AM

Bent's Camp hosts this great event annually.  All proceeds go to Invasive Species Control in the Cisco Chain.  This is a treat for Dad, and helps the local waters.  There will be a 50/50 raffle and a you can meet the milfoil queen!  Also a great way to meet Amy and Craig Kusick, the new owners of Bent's Camp and Craig's cousin Tom Baertchy.  They donate all food costs for this event.  Please thank them for their hospitality!

From Shelly Knaack at LOLA:

LOLA Sponsoring Summer Dance Program

Land O' Lakes Area Artisans, Inc. (LOLA) is pleased to announce two three week dance workshops planned for this summer.  Classes will be taught by Kelly Kachelski, a dancer and choreographer currently attending UW Whitewater.  Kelly will be mentored by Barb Grubel, Associate Professor in the Theatre and Dance Department at UW Whitewater.

There will be two three week sessions with six classes total in each program.  The first three week session begins on June 27 and ends July 14, with the July 4th class being rescheduled.  The second three week session begins July 18 and ends August 4.  Classes will be held at the Elementary School Gym  in Land O' Lakes.

Classes taught will be :  Creative Movement for 3-4 year olds, Ballet/Tap for 5-12 year olds, Ballet for 12 years and older, Jazz/Hip-Hop for 12 years of age and older and Adult Modern for ages 15 and older. 

Fees for children are $4.50 per class or $21.50 for six classes.  Fees for adults are $5.50 per class or $27.50 for six classes. 

To register or for more information, contact Wendy at: 715-493-5361.  All classes must be pre-paid.  No refunds will be given for cancellations that are made within 5 days before class starts. The Summer Dance Program schedule is also listed on the LOLA website:


To Register for Classes or for more information, call Wendy @ 715-493-5361


June 7 - August 30; Beginning Line Dancing
Every Tuesday, 10 am-12 pm    Class fee:  $5.00
Gloria Andersen, Instructor
Fee due on day of class

June 11; 10 am-1 pm Basket Weaving: Beginner Basket #1
Holly Pierce, Instructor
Materials fee: $15.00  Class fee: $10.00
Total: $25.00
Deadline for payment/registration: June 4

June 11; 2 pm-5 pm Basket Weaving: Beginner Basket #3
Holly Pierce, Instructor
Materials fee: $25.00  Class fee: $10.00
Total: $35.00
Deadline for payment/Registration: June 4

June 15th & June 22nd; 12:30 pm-3:30 pm Watercolor Painting-for Children 10+
Wendy Powalisz, Instructor
Materials fee: $5.00  Class fee: $10.00 for each class
Total: $25.00
Deadline for payment/Registration: June 8

June 25; 10 am-12:30 pm  Dream Catcher for Children 8+
Karen Lenhart & Wendy Powalisz, Instructors
Materials fee: $5.00  Class fee: $5.00
Total: $10.00
Deadline for payment/registration:  June 18

June 29; 12:30 pm-3:00 pm Acrylic "Cave" Painting-for Children 10+
Karen Lenhart & Wendy Powalisz, Instructors
Materials fee: $7.00  Class fee: $ 5.00
Total: $ 12.00
Deadline for payment/registration: June 22 

From Julie Zelten at the Land O' Lakes Public Library:
Summer Library Programs:
June 10th at 1:00 p.m. Movie afternoon: the Illusionist

Our June 10th movie is:  The Illusionist about a down-on-his-luck illusionist who befriends a pretty admirer, and finds that his constant quest to impress her may be his ultimate downfall in this animated fable based on an original screenplay by Jacques Tati and directed by Sylvain Chomet.

Movie is at 1:00 p.m. and movie, popcorn and coffee are no charge.  Children must be attended by an adult.

June 22nd at 10:00 a.m. Raptors at the Library

We are kicking off our summer program with a fantastic show from the Northwoods Wildlife Center.  They are presenting: Raptors to teach us about our local bird of prey.  This will include skulls, claws and rehabilitated birds.  Come join the fun on Wednesday, June 22 at 10:00 a.m.

June 29th at 10:00 a.m.  Tom Pease; Entertainer

Conserve School & the LOL Library invite you to come, laugh, listen, sing along & have fun with premier children's entertainer Tom Pease.

June 23rd  8:00 a.m. Bird Walk with Peter Dring

The group size is limited so please call the library to sign-up; 715 547 6006

Meet at the Land O' Lakes Public Library  Bring your binoculars!

During our May Bird Walk we identified 16 different species.  The most melodic was the Hermit Thrush.  I also enjoyed the Starling and the Great Blue Heron. The weather was great and our guide was inspiring and educational.        

Join us on Thursday, June 23rd to discover how to become a birder.

Recurring Events in the North Woods

Land O' Lakes Open Mike Night at the Farmers Market Lot

7 PM weather permitting.  Held every Friday night in the middle of downtown, you can sing yourself or enjoy other local talent.  Bring a chair, blanket and a couple friends.  If you want to perform electric and speakers are provided.  Bring your own cords.   Call Dan or Mery at 906 544 2554 with any questions on Open Mike Night!

Land O' Lakes Chamber of Commerce BINGO! at St. Albert's Church

Starting June 15th, every Wednesday night starting at 7 PM.  Family oriented Bingo at St. Albert's.  Refreshments are available. 

Land O' Lakes Farmers Market Every Thursday from 9 AM - Noon

Starting June 16th, stop at the Farmers Market in the middle of Downtown Land O' Lakes.  Find fresh fruits, vegetables and flea market every Thursday thru summer.  All your neighbors are there, you should stop in too!

Sundays, all Summer Boulder Junction Free Fishing Seminars

Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce has sponsored weekly seminars by their local guides.  From May thru early September guides will present seasonally appropriate seminars.  For more information check this!

Thursday's Boulder Junction 6:30 - 8:30 Music on Main Street

Every Thursday, starting on July 7th Downtown Boulder Junction hosts Music on Main Street.  Listen to bands like Big Road, Hip Pocket, Greg Thomas and many more.  Find more about Music on Main here!

People around Land O' Lakes

June 1 is Ken Brown's birthday

June 2 is Ralph Tuttles birthday and also Barb and Ken Brown's anniversary

June 7 is Silas Beattie's birthday

June 8th Meridith Bawden celebrates her birthday

June 11 is busy.  Phyliss Rasmussen, Dianne Schindelholz and Maggie Delong celebrate their birthdays.

June 14 Olivia turns Sweet 16, and never been kissed!

June 16 Cindy Geib and Sandy Seymour share a birth date.

June 17 Marks mom Jean Gostisha and Sudy Wattson share their birthday.

June 18th is Steve Heinrich's birthday

June 19th is Fathers Day

June 21st, Bob Wills and Jim Achuff share their birthdays.

June 22nd Shelley Peterson has her birthday.  Stop at the Dairy Maid and wish her well!

June 23rd  Dan Adams celebrates his birthday.  Stop in at the Bear Trap and buy him a martini and wish him well!

June 24th is Bud Schlack's Birthday.

June 25th Jody Beurgey celebrates her birthday

June 26th Sue Marcus, Dick Melhop and our grand-daughter Riley Grace celebrate a shared birthday!

Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter.  More importantly, thanks for the time you spend in the Forest Lake Country Store.  We mark 5 years of owning the store at the end of June.  We feel our "family" has grown 100 fold with the acceptance and support we receive from so many local, seasonal and frequent visitors to Land O' Lakes.  We look forward to sharing time with you in Land O' Lakes. 

Until then, enjoy the north woods!

Kris and Mark Gostisha and girls
Forest Lake Country Store
6256 County Road B     Land O' Lakes WI 54540     715 547
Summer Store Hours Start June 6th
Monday - Saturday 7 AM - 8 PM, Sunday 7 AM - 3 PM 


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