Bowfishing Assn. of Illinois Updates

From Ed DeVries, President Bowfishing Assoc. of Illinois
Hey everyone!
The BAI is happy to announce the addition of Abbie Aymer from Belleville Ill. and Mason Storm from Plainfield Illinois as BAI club directors! The BAI is rapidly growing and the addition of these members will greatly help us accomplish our goals as a club and promote bowfishing more in the future. Thanks to Abbie & Mason for stepping up for the BAI & Bowfishing!
From Ed DeVries, President Bowfishing Assoc. of Illinois

The AMS Bowfishing N. Ill. Championship is coming up fast, June 12th at the Chain Of Lakes SP on Grass Lake in antioch Ill. The shoot starts at 6am and ends at 1pm. We will have a great time and after the shoot, we have the entire carfish cove picnic area reserved for food and prize drawings. AMS Bowfishing has generously donated a complete Fire Eagle Combo Bow/Reel. We usually give this away as a door prize but this year it will be awarded to the bowfisher who.......? Im not telling until the morning of the shoot!!
The Grass Lake shoot is always a great time, there is canoe and boat rental in the park and some great bowfishing just feet from the parks launch so plenty of opportunity for those w/o a boat. This shoot is just plain fun everyone! Remember, our shots are for everyone so dont feel like you cant take part because you are not a seasoned tournament shooter. Its a big 10 shoot where all have a chance, and like I say, there are millions of carp to hunt so you WILL have many chances.
If you plan on going, please respond to this email so we can have enough food for everyone. Hope to see you there!
Ed DeVries
President Bowfishing Assoc. of Illinois

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