Walleyes Unlimited Scholarship Recipients

Great new for three young people comes from Walleyes Unlimited...

Each year Walleyes Unlimited awards educational scholarships to students majoring in either fisheries science or limnology. Walleyes Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the knowledge and skills of freshwater fishermen. A basic tenant of the organization is teaching, which is an important means to the end of educating both children and adults to help them achieve greater fishing skills as well as an increase in environmental understanding and a better appreciation for the outdoors.

Fisheries scientists and limnologists are needed to manage, protect, and grow the habitats in which we endeavor to angle. Accordingly, we provide scholarships to those individuals who are majoring in either or both of those fields and who plan to enter the workforce using their major (s).  Walleyes Unlimited members, their families and relatives are not eligible.

This year there were three scholarship recipients. Chris Cahill & Ben Kissinger are both from University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and Carlin Fenn is currently studying at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. All three students are extending their education to graduate school next year and continuing their studies in fisheries research.

All three candidates have demonstrated academic excellence by means of GPA, are actively involved in extracurricular activities and plan on securing employment after their studies in fisheries or natural resources.

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