Swimbaits can save the day

This press release just came in and it introduces some lures you may want to check out the next time you're in your favorite tacke store.  They're great for bass, pike, muskie, stripers and more.   Below is a slide show of the color patterns that the Sebile Magic Swimmer baits are available in.  Pretty neat I say.  Many colors are very condusive to the patterns we use in our area along with some classic winners.

Any Season, Any Fish...Anywhere

The international award winning Sebile® Magic Swimmer™ swimbait can catch any fish, anywhere....from weekend outings, to fruit jar derbies to the highest level of competitive fishing.

The lipless, balanced design of the jointed, thin-body Magic Swimmer creates a unique and natural action that sets this bait apart from all others. The tapered nose and humpbacked head slice through the water and create the undulating action. The bait performs perfectly in a wide variety of retrieval speeds, from a slow crank to high speed trolling. This provides fish the most realistic swimming bait in the water.

The Magic Swimmer swims as it sinks without reeling, providing a falling action game fish can't resist. Stop reeling and the bait automatically continues to swim on its own while dropping. Twitch the bait for an erratic darting action.

The jointed swimbait is available in fast sinking (fsk), sinking (sk) and slow sinking (ssk) models offered in thirty different colors depending on size. The Magic Swimmer is amazingly effective and versatile by simply varying the retrieval speed of the lure.

Superior balance allows for excellent long distant and accurate casting even into the wind and a true retrieve every time at a variety of depths, from waking to 12-feet deep depending on the model.

The thin baitfish body is jointed in three parts to ripple together in rhythmic swimming motion making it the perfect prey imposter.

The slow sinking Magic Swimmer swims perfectly when reeled or trolled at any speed while the Fast Sinking Magic Swimmer has a falling action all its own. Retrieve these baits steady and straight or stay just below the surface to create a wake that fish can't resist.

Each of the legendary Magic Swimmer models brings a unique, yet realistic, action to the water that is perfect for any season, any fish, anywhere.

With an MSRP of $17.20 - $43.00, anglers have the advantage on any water with the Magic Swimmer line of Lures. 

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