Panfish Specific fishing line by Northland Tackle

From our friends at Northland FIshing Tackle about their panfish fishing line...

Bemidji, MN - Take a stroll down the fishing line aisle at your local outdoor retailer and you will find a staggering number of options, including a bunch of so-called high-tech lines that make the selection process a nightmare. Talk about coming up for a breath of fresh air, imagine the following straightforward concept: an ultra-premium fishing line that simply says, "If you fish for PANFISH, this is your line!" If only it were that easy. But that's exactly what the new BIONIC PANFISH™ Fishing Line from Northland® Fishing Tackle is all about--fooling, hooking and dependably landing Slab Crappies, Bull Bluegills and Bream, Jumbo Perch and even Rainbow Trout with a custom, easy to choose line formula.


BIONIC PANFISH™ Fishing Line is a smooth, easy-casting monofilament designed for the serious panfish angler by "The Pan Man" himself, Brian "Bro" Brosdahl and the legendary Team Northland™ Pro Staff. It is engineered with the balanced properties of strength, light-bite sensitivity, ultimate invisibility and silky smooth flexibility needed to put more fish in the frying pan. As trustworthy as a classic Gypsi® Jig below a bobber, BIONIC PANFISH™ always comes through, backing you up in fights with that brawling Mister Slab.


Use BIONIC's exclusive KWIK-SPOOL™ line slot for easily spooling reels straight from the box with perfect tension every time. Then simply start hooking and hoisting jumbos without a care in the world. Which is pretty much the same way panfish view BIONIC™--they don't! Thanks to a revolutionary new line camouflage system  called AquaFlage™, panfish never see you coming. To stay hidden from "upward" feeding Crappies, Perch and Sunfish, AquaFlage™ Blue Camo blends and fades into the blue-sky background, creating minimal line silhouetting and invisibility to a fish looking up at your bait. 

It's an ingenious and biology-based line camouflaging system that perfectly matches the way panfish feed - up.


"Easy casting BIONIC PANFISH™ Line is my only choice for Jumbo Perch, Bull Bluegills, Slab Crappie and Trophy Trout," states TEAM NORTHLAND™ Pro-Staff Brian "Bro" Brosdahl. "In formulating BIONIC PANFISH™, we added in all the traits needed for a super-reliable, high performing panfish line--extra strength, sensitivity, complete invisibility and silky smoothness for long easy casts with tiny jigs. We've even built hard-to-find, specialty 3- and 5-pound test line sizes that allow me to fine-tune my presentation to match any panfishing situation, from bobberin' spooky Bluegills to plucking Crappies out of heavy cover."


Look for bold and colorful PANFISH-coded boxes of BIONIC PANFISH™ Fishing Line at outdoor retailers everywhere. Offered in AquaFlage™ Blue Camo and Invisi-Clear™ formulas in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-pound test, BIONIC™ premium fishing lines are "Made by Fishermen for Fishermen." Spooled and packaged right in the USA, each BIONIC™ 350-yard VALUE PACK yields an average of one extra full reel fill per spool.


It's "Smooth Easy Casting!"


For more information and a 2011 catalog, contact Northland® Fishing Tackle Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN  56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723 or email us at Website is

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