Livebait comes to life in Frabill's new video series

There is no doubt that minnows are on top of the list when looking for the best bait to use for fishing.  Minnows will catch crappies, bass, walleyes, and muskies.   There's no limit on what will bite on a lively minnow.  But LIVELY is the key word. 

How many times have you bought minnows at the bait shop, got to the lake, figured you'll give them some freshwater from the lake and find that they're all dead in 10 minutes.


Frabill has an assortment of live bait systems that will keep your minnows lively all day long... and longer.  Wheather its a fathead minnow or a 12 inch sucker, Frabill has the right "Bait Bucket" for you.


I saw this press release and had to watch the video.  Pretty neat.  Just click on video below and check it out.

Guess what? Fish eat real food. Shocking as it sounds, freshwater and saltwater fish alike - the living and swimming kinds we like to catch - still prefer a square meal of authentic eats. Yes, fish will spring on a spoon, jam a jig, and even pummel plastics. But there's no need guessing their moods or preferences in artificial lures when livebait is available. They always eat it.


Minnows? Down the hatch. Nightcrawlers? Yummy. Leeches? Lip smacking. Crawdads? Bon appetit.


Over the next six weeks Frabill is launching a series of livebait video shorts, each customized for the care and handling of specific bait types, like nightcrawlers and worms. There's even a video on bait gathering and another about controlling the spread of exotic species.


This first offering is simply titled "Minnows." Pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy...   





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