Walleyes on the run

If you 're a walleye angler you will enjoy checking this out.  If you watch these MarCum underwater cameras for a while, you can see some really nice sized fish passing by.  Pretty neat.

Shiocton, Wis. - (3/29/11) Time to open another web browser. While whittling away at the stack of emails suffocating your inbox, or searching Google for hot fishing spots, keep a window open to watch the walleyes. The annual upstream journey on the Winnebago watershed is underway, and playing live on the Wolf River Cam website (www.wolfrivercam.com).

Strategically placed to document the mystery of nature, high-resolution MarCum VS380s underwater cameras are in place, and in fact, have been running for over 5,000 continuous hours capturing all that fins or tumbles past in the current.

Historically, the Shiocton run begins in late March when water temperatures verge into the lower 40-degree range. Fattened river female walleyes make the first move, followed by a denser mass of river-resident male suitors. Lastly, the males from Lake Winnebago move up into Lake Poygan, staging to join their female dance partners. Some fish travel as far as 50 miles to find a mate.

If you visit the site and all you see is debris rolling downstream, don't get discouraged. Walleyes move in packs and within minutes a blank scene can erupt with white-tipped tails and marbled eyes.

Wolf River Cam captures live subsurface activities on other bodies of water as well. You can monitor underwater happenings in Fremont and New London, Wis. Seasonally, come see live sturgeon tagging and other special features at Wolf River Cam.  

Frabill and MarCum Technologies are proud sponsoring partners of Wolf River Cam. 

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