Mike Iaconelli Iced?

Mike Iaconelli fishes on hard water?  Who would believe it?  No, he didn't drag his boat on to the water, but he did go with the right people and with the right gear from people like Northland Tackle, Frabill, MarCum, and StrikeMaster.  Here's some info on the Ike's walking on water.... 
Bass smasher hangs hooks vertically with Ron Hustvedt for an episode of "City Limits Fishing"
Minneapolis, Minn. - What's a professional bass angler doing running across the solidified waters of Minnesota in the middle of the winter? One thing is for sure--he's having fun and catching fish!
Bass fishing extraordinaire Mike Iaconelli was recently in the Twin Cities to try his luck at ice fishing with outdoor personality Ron Hustvedt for the television show "City Limits Fishing". Iaconelli, one of bass fishing's most charismatic characters, came to Minnesota for his first ever experience walking across fishable water, not slapping pucks across it.

"I'm from New Jersey and we get ice there but for some reason all I've ever done with it is played hockey on it," Iaconelli said. "I had a blast in Minnesota with Ron Hustvedt and he turned me into an ice fishing nut--I might not step foot in my bass boat ever again!" (Mike, seriously?)

Hustvedt showed Iaconelli the preferred way to ice fish using Northland Tackle's LIVE-FORAGE baits, jigs from Bro's Bug Collection and Hexi-Fly jigs. Iaconelli was especially impressed by the realistic baitfish image bodies and flashy good looks of the LIVE-FORAGE baits. 

StrikeMaster Glide-Lites helped Hustvedt and Iaconelli stay mobile on the ice while still hauling a ton of gear. The Bassmaster veteran fell in love with the StrikeMaster Solo Ice Auger. "I had so much fun drilling holes that Ron had to tell me to stop so we could get fishing--those augers have a ton of power and actually make drilling fun. I want one for ice fishing back at home but also just to play around with in the summer--maybe in my yard," Iaconelli said with his classic comedic styling.
Livebait was the key for the bite with StrikeMaster Bait Pucks doing the job securing plenty of maggots and waxworms. All the while Frabill aerated bait buckets kept the minnows as lively as Iaconelli's personality. Conditions were particularly cold during filming, but the bait stayed fresh the entire time.

Being a liquid crystal graph kinda guy when he's in his bass boat, Iaconelli was also reacquainted with flashers. Hustvedt showed Iaconelli how the Marcum LX-5 and LX-1 could instantly reveal what was going on underneath their fee. Iaconelli was mesmerized by the instantaneous and accurate readings.

"We even got to experience the coveted 'Christmas Tree' effect thanks to a hungry school of perch that we couldn't keep off our hooks," Hustvedt said.
The show is called "City Limits Fishing," so Iaconelli and Hustvedt fished on the concrete jungle waters of Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet, located in the shadows of downtown Minneapolis. "I'm a city kid born and raised, and so is Iaconelli, so it was awesome taking a fellow urbanite around the City of Lakes catching fish while enjoying the sights and sounds of city life," remarked Hustvedt.
"City Limits Fishing--Minneapolis" will first air on March 25 at 8 p.m. CST and again 11 p.m. CST. The show will also re-air on Versus throughout the year. Next stop for Iaconelli? Perhaps the frozen dark side of the moon.



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