Great Lakes Oddities Featured in Conservation Magazine

This press release just came in.   Interesting....
WASHINGTON D.C.- The articles are featured in Eddies, a quarterly publication of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Division of Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Conservation. The magazine covers past, present and future conservation initiatives. Features, news and columns are designed to help the public understand the importance of healthy aquatic environments--as well as the often misunderstood and underappreciated efforts to keep them productive.
Eddies is a free publication both as a printed magazine and online at

The current issue is dedicated to Great Lakes fisheries conservation. Highlights include:
An Unnatural History--An alien known as the sea lamprey swims in the Great Lakes. Accidentally introduced in 1829, this parasitic fish continues to impact native species. Biologists are attempting to suppress populations with "lampricide."
It's a Long, Strange Trip--American eels migrate from the Sargasso Sea to the American Great Lakes, and back again, during their 30-year lifespans. Great Lakes biologists and utility companies are working together to ensure their future.
Keeping Asian Carp Out of the Great Lakes--Biologists are scrambling to stop four Asian carp species from migrating northward and entering the Great Lakes. The health of an entire aquatic ecosystem hangs in the balance.
Five Lakes, Three Strains, One Big Job--Sustaining a $7 billion lake trout fishery is proving to be a complex and long-term project. Enemies include competition with nonnative species, overharvest, habitat degradation and pollution.
Great Lakes Science on Display--New York and Minnesota fisheries biologists are generating an impressive diversity and volume of new science today. In just the past two years, they have published 40 different research findings in 18 scientific journals.

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