Forest Lake Country Store April Northwoods Newsletter


I've said it before and I'll say it again.  A morning cup of coffee never tastes better then when its enjoyed while reading about the happenings in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. 

I just recevied the April Newsletter from the Forest Lake Country Store near Land O Lakes Wisconsin.  It's making me anxious because in June, I'm heading up there with the family to enjoy the sights, local flavor and fishing on the many lakes in the area.

Here's the newsletter...

Forest Lake Country Store Newsletter for April 2011

Woo hoo!!!  With longer days and now daylight savings we emerge, like groundhogs, from the darkness of winter.  It is a great treat on the days we close at 3 PM.  We can wander around and watch winter surrender to spring.  A hike down the road shows signs of a north woods "recession".   The snow drifts dwindle, the roads get wider, and the tips of the tree limbs are fat with new growth, waiting to burst into spring.  Winter is receding into the woods for now, and eventually gone 'til after next fall.  What is that over there?  There is another sure sign of an imminent spring.  Maple trees with buckets hanging on the south side.  Maple sap is running and being collected.  The smell of wood fires will follow as the sap is simmered down to pure maple syrup.  When syrup is done,  we wait for the first sighting of a robin!

Look close at the "close dates above".  We are closing for a few extra days.  There is a fish fry at St. Alberts on April 15th and we would like to assist in the prep.  We will open on a Wednesday, after our Tuesday Sysco food delivery.  

There is a lot of banter around town and on TV about the high price of gas.  What is the up side of expensive gasoline?  There is already banter of people planning to use their north woods retreats a little more than in the past.  It seems that the common sentiment is that a place that is owned in the north woods is an easier vacation than trying to travel out west, Canadian fishing trips or other exotic plans.  An old fashion family vacation helps save gas, and is reminiscent of the trips we all had as we grew up.  Shoot, one family ran a lottery on who was getting which week at the family cabin.  It is a throwback to when we were younger; the cabin getting used all summer, swimming, sitting on the pier, maybe catching a mess of bluegills for dinner.  Or with any luck, pizza and ice cream at the Country Store. 

Events in the Store

This is not really an event, more of an opportunity.  Attached is another closeout list of wines and craft beers.  We are laying out plans for summer and need to make room for new wines.  Check over the list, you may find something that works for you.   Last, we are making an offer on the last of our pink hooded sweatshirts.  The ones with the big fat laces.  We will include a free bottle of sparkling wine with the purchase of each sweatshirt.  The closout prices on the wine and beer and the sweatshirt offer are only good while quantities last or when we close this Friday March 25th.

Also, we will be looking to hire a couple new people for the summer.  Our staff is pretty much trained for all aspects of the business.  We usually have one or two in charge of what we call supply and service.  These are usually youngsters over 14 but under 16 that cannot operate the kitchen equipment.  They stock shelves for the restaurant and retail items, help bus tables, dishes, clean up and other things.  Those 16 and up help with the food prep, cooking, wait staff, then help with dishes, bussing etc.  You probably have noticed that no one is dedicated to a single job at the store.  If you know anyone that is interested in working this summer send them in to fill out an application. 

News from the Northwoods

The town of Land O' Lakes is in a bad spot.  They have one fire truck that needs repairs that will cost more than the truck is worth.  Sam Otterpohl and Brad Knaack have found a used truck out in California that is exactly what is needed up here.  It offers giant water capacity and 4 wheel drive capability.  For homes in remote areas the 4 wheel drive is a huge upgrade from the current equipment.  The benefits of larger water capacity speak for themselves.  The cost, after trade in of the old equipment is $145,000.  Regrettably there are not State or Federal Funds available for the purchase of used equipment.  The Volunteer Fire Department is seeking donations to buy this new truck.  Donations made for a specific need, such as this fire truck, are tax deductable.  You can forward donations to the Town Hall at this address:

Land O' Lakes Town Hall

PO Box 660

Land O' Lakes WI 54540

Attn: Fire Truck Fund

From the Library:

Here is something that is great for town, great for the residents and and the visitors to Land O' Lakes.  From Head Librarian Julie Zelten:

The Friends of the Library have donated $2,000.00 to be used on lending materials such as Books, Large Print books and audio books.  The Friends of the Library do an outstanding job of supporting the library not only with their financial contributions but also with their time and skills.  We have many volunteer hours already put in by this dedicated group of library supporters.  They will be hosting programs coming up this summer and have sponsored the majority of our magazine subscriptions for 2011 on top of the generous $2,000.00 collection development donation.  "We are very, very grateful for our fantastic Friends!" announces library director, Julie Zelten.

Many people ask, How do you become a Friend of the Land O' Lakes Public Library?   The membership dues for the Friends are $5.00 a person and dues or donations can be left at the Library or mailed to:

Friends of the Library
Box 34
Land O Lakes, 54540

Money is not only raised thru dues.  The annual book sale and silent auction also raise money for the library.  If you have a book or two, or a couple boxes sitting in the back hall, drop them off at the Library for the sale.  Looking for some good books, visit the sale to browse the many racks of good books. 

Events in the North Woods

April 15th  St. Alberts Church 5 PM Fish Fry til ?? 

On April 15th Saint Albert Church on Highway B in Land O' Lakes will host their famous Fish Fry buffet.  Cost is $12 per person.  Children between 6 and 12 are $6.  Children under 6 are free.  Cost includes beer batter Pollack, a hot potato dish, potato salad, coleslaw, 4-bean salad, baked beans, marble rye bread and dessert.  Coffee and milk are included.  Soda is available for sale.

Service starts at 5 PM until the food is gone.  Take outs are available. 

All profits from the event will be donated to the Land O' Lakes Volunteer Fire Department for the purchase of a replacement fire truck. 

Headwaters State Bank will match the first $1,000 Church donation making this a very lucrative opportunity for the Fire Department

Remember, most other restaurants are closed this time of year.  Mark the date on your calendar for the St. Albert's Fish Fry!

People around Land O' Lakes

April 5th is Becka Sloans birthday.

Aprils 6th is a shared birthday for Sandy Pauly and Joanne Spinner

April 10th is a shared birthday for Helen Hayhurst and Mark Collins

April 12th is Will Buergey's birthday

April 15th is a shared birthday for Nancy Barber and Jim Floriano

April 17th is a shared birthday for Lee Sensiba and Joe Simons

April 18th is Fred Lipperts Birthday

April 19 Bret Miller will celebrate his birthday.

April 20 is Darlene Lavris's Birthday

April 22nd is a triple header birthday for Jane Cascaranno, D'Arcy Arpke, and Dave Gunderson

April 23rd Frisk Miller celebrates her birthday

April 26th our daughter Nicole turns 30. 

April 27th Bob Cascaranno celebrates his birthday and Kris's Dad Stanley Koss has his birthday.

April 28th is Karen Koskellins birthday

Tonight we are hunkered down waiting for a big storm.  Sixteen inches is what the TV weather guru's tell us.  The woods and the lakes can use the shot in the arm.  Despite the inconvenience the best we can do is hope the snow hit and that some of the moisture makes it into the lakes.

We look forward to seeing all of you when we reopen on April 20th.  We hope to recharge our batteries and get ready for the summer season.  Look for new products on the shelves and new items on the menu.  

Thanks, as always, for the time you spend in the Forest Lake Country Store!

Kris and Mark Gostisha and girls

Forest Lake Country Store
6256 County Road B
Land O' Lakes WI 54540

715 547 8222

Store Hours
Thursday - Saturday 7 AM - 8 PM
Sun, Mon and Wed  7 AM - 3 PM
Closed Tuesday
Closing for the "Mud Months".  Spring cleaning and visit the grand kids.
Closed Saturday March 26th        Re-Open Wednesday April 20th

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