Crappies, Crappies, Crappies

Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame - Legendary Guide Todd Gesssner with two crappies that each weigh over 3 pounds.

The Illinoiis Outdoors TV Spring Trip to Southern Illinois is set for one of the best times of the year for crappie fishing on Rend Lake, May 18 to  22.

I just had a coversation with a guy who often goes to Kentucky Lake. The fish he is after... Crappies.

He's considering coming on our trip for a few reasons.

  1. No need to get an out of state license
  2. KY Lake is a few hours further away from the Chicagoland area
  3. Gas is $3.65 a gallon.
  4. Lodging is included in this trip
  5. Breakfasts and dinners are included in this trip
  6. Free door prizes for all who attend
  7. Free raffle for some nice prizes
  8. Help from local guides
  9. Inexpensive guide service
  10. Last but not least....  CRAPPIES

To learn more about the trip, CLICK HERE

But first, take a look at some photos of crappies.  The photos include people who have been on the trip in the past and the guides.  Also these fish have been caught at Rend Lake, Lake of Egypt and DuQuoin.   All lakes are close by and the people on our trip do jump from lake to lake.  But if you want to stay on Rend, you're welcome to do so and catch some fish like this.

By the way, if you're wonding what the Rend  Lake Resort looks like, I put in some photos of the resort too. 


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