Lisa and Wager Compete in Rally at the International Kennel Club Show

My daughter Lisa competed in a Rally at the IKC show at McCormick Plance.

In a Rally, dogs have to follow the direction of their handlier as they walk around the ring.  While walking the dogs me heal on the left side of the handler.  When they stop, the dog stops and sits unless the handler wants the dog to remain standing.  With turns to the left, right, backing up and while walking past an obsticle the dog has to stay with the handler and follow all directions.

In this video you'll see how Wager did while competing in the Rallly on Saturday afternoon.  I'd say he did pretty good.  Thinks like this help train hunting dogs.  It keeps them busy and their mind working.  When a dog is able to do things like this, you would not believe how much better the do acts in the field.  Good job Lisa and Wager.


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