America's Outdoor Show is no longer

America's Outdoor Show is no longer

After a two year attempt to bring back the largest outdoor show in Chicagoland, Jim Sugarman's America's Outdoor Show held in Rosemont just a few weeks ago will be coming to an end.

I've heard from several people who have received emails from Sugarman who said with a heavy heart that he just has to let the show go. 

It's a shame.  The show seemed to be coming back, slowly, but surely.  But maybe it was a bit too slow.  In today's business is business.  If the market cannot support the business, the doors must close.

I have some personal and gut feelings about this though.  I am confident that an outdoor show under whatever name it could be, will return to Chicagoland and maybe to the Rosemont convention center.

Good luck to you Jim in you future endeavors.  I know you worked hard on this show. 



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