You can get some geese by heading south

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Jason Johns of Todd Gessner Outdoors and the Boneyard Outfitters has been having a blast with the Canada Geese in southern Illinois.

It's not often that they get snow down there but this year is a bit different and they're cleaning up on them big honkers.

Here are some photos of the geese that they've been getting.

The action won't last long but if you'ld like to go goose hunting with Jason, give him a call at 618 927 3432 as soon as possible. To book a date.  Jason can assist you with lodging if needed.

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  • At the risk of sounding like a crabby old would appear in a couple of the above photos the 3 fellows are over limit....I counted 7 geese but only 3 hunters.. limit is two correct?

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