Ice Fishing

I got an invitation from Rich Partak to do some ice fishing at a residential pond west of Joliet.  I know that his pond had some great crappie, bluegill and bass so how could I resist.

Last Wednesday before Jim DaRosa, Ray Ludkevicz and I did the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show, we went to the pond with ice rods and augers in hand.   Jim's son Dave and his buddy Roy joined us as well. 

We did good on the ice. The ice was almost 12 inches thick.  It was good and solid. A lot of gills and crappies were caught.  Jim and Ray each caught a largemouth bass too.  Berkley Gulp Alive micro baits worked well.  I caught some gills using Gulp grubs that look like a mousie.  I also used red and white grubs.  Ray got his bass on a Gulp cricket.  We use a variety of the Gulp micro baits and they all did pretty well.  Although we had some live waxies, the Gulp seemed to dominate the bite.

Thanks for having us out Rich.  Hope this rain doesn't wash out the ice.  Maybe we can get out again some day.

Here are some photos from our day on the ice.


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