Getting out for some geese

Jim DaRosa of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show and I got out to hunt up some geese.

Snow had covered the ground so blending in was with white camo, butcher coats and some pretty nutty stocking caps. 

The action was not fast and furious, but we did have fun for an afternoon hunt.  Below are some photos from our time in the field.

With the goose breasts that I filleted out of my birds I made some barbeque meat balls.  The recipe is simple, I cubed the fillets and used a Tones Canadian Steak Season marinade (it's on the bottle) and let the meat sit in the fridge overnight.  The meat was rinsed, and then mixed with an equal part of ground pork, a cup of seasoned bread crumbs and one egg.   In a 350 degree oven the meat balls were baked till done.

Once cooled down a bit they were put in a bowl and mixed with warmed barbeque sauce.  They were pretty good.  My family, none of whom hunt or fish are rarely exposed to dining on wild game.  Usually they won't touch it if they know what it is.  The BBQ Meat Balls however, were gone quickly.

I have to get out in the filed again to get some more birds now because all that I had, are not all gone. 


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