First Pheasant Photo


Here's a photo and email from Matt R. regarding the hunting experience of one of his sons.

"Hey Don here he is again 8 Year old Patrick got his first pheasant while hunting with friends out west of Yorkville.  He uses a .410 side by side to bag this rooster on a great day of hunting.  So far this year he has bagged two ducks a goose two pheasants and a hungarian partridge and is on a quest to bag a deer with his bow.  We will keep you posted as we continue the pursuit.  Thanks Matt R. "



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  • Hey Don It is great to see this guys kid out hunting instead of playing video games and such. I commend him for taking a kid outdoors. Hope to see and hear more about this group. Thanks Big O.

  • The photo of 8 year old Patrick displaying the pheasant reminds me of a few I took with my brother and Grand-dad when I was young Patrick's age.

    I agree with Mike O. The hunt teaches young boys about the value of and responsibilities attendant to life. No video game can do that.

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