Christmas and Ice Fishing in Boulder Junction

Todd and Sally Gessner host a Christmas and Ice Fishing Party in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

I'm not going to stake the claim on scrathing another item off my bucket list, but a good friend of mine can.

Todd Gessner,  has always wanted to spend the Christmas Holidays in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  His personal bucket list clearly stated that he not only wanted to be up there for the holidays, but he wanted his whole family to experience the Northwoods, snow, ice and all that comes with the Boulder Junction area which Gessner can almost call his home away from home.  Gessner is a fishing and hunting guide (Todd Gessner Outdoors) and spends the spring, fall and winter in southern Illinois.  During the summer, he guides fishing trips out of the Wildcat Lodge in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin.

Gessner and his wife Sally live in Southern Illinois. His daughter is from down there too and his son resides in Georgia.  I don't think any of them ever walked on water before. 

Last Saturday there was a Christmas party at the house that the Gessners rented for over month.  It is one of the full sized homes available through the Wildcat Lodge for a great vacation stay.  The home was great.  There was plenty of room, it was warm and cozy and had a beautiful view of the lake and woods.

My wife Judy and I along with Jeff and Jan Novak stayed in a cabin at the Wildcat Lodge.  We've enoyed vacations there during the summer and fall months, but never in the winter.  Our visit during the ice fishing season was just fantastic.  When we arrived, owner Tim France showed us our cabin.  We were welcomed with warmth of a glowing fireplace.   The lodge has quite a few cabins available with 2 or more bedrooms. 

Besides the party at Gessner's house, we enjoyed a day of fishing on Big and Little Kitten Lakes.  We caught perch, pumpkinseed and northern pike.  The ice was about 7 to 10 inches thick so it was easy cutting holes with a hand or power auger. 

Gessner picked a great place to spend the holidays with his family and freinds.  The Boulder Junction area is just beautiful in the winter time.   It's been over 30 years since I've been in the Northwoods during the winter months.  And I've never fished up there before, so this was really a special trip for me as well. 

I've never though of having a bucket list myself.  But I always wanted to experience being up north around Christmas time and enjoying the snow and ice fishing.  I brought an old  toboggan along to leave with Gessner for his grandkids to enjoy when they come up later this week.  They'll have a blast up there.

Take a look at the photos we took while at the party, on the ice and the woods surrounding our cabin..  I'm sure you'll all agree that a visit to the Boulder Junction area and the Wildcat Lodge  is worth adding to your bucket list.  It doesn't matter what time of you dicide to go up north, you'll surely fall in love with the area.  I recommend that you do as I did and experience all of the seasons in Boulder Junction and at Wildcat Lodge

For more information on the Wildcat Lodge, visit and for information on the Boulder Junction area.

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