The State Park Pier at Gulf Shores

During my recent visit to the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area, Fishing and Outdoor Radio co-host partner Jim DaRosa and I took one morning to walk out on the State Park Pier in Gulf Shores.

Wow, what a great place to go fishing.  For only a few dollars you can bring your gear a quarter of a mile out into the Gulf of Mexico and fish for just about any saltwater specie you can think of.

At over 1500 feet long, it's the longest fishing pier on the Gulf.  At the base, there's a small concession stand where you can buy refreshments, souvenirs, get bait, rent a rod and reel, and you're your fishing license.  Midway out there are nice restrooms and all along the pier there are plenty of benches to sit on and some shelters to get out of the sun.

What I was so impressed about is that the people who fish the pier have a great respect for it.  The pier is very, very clean.  Nope, no fishy smells, no bait containers lying around, no cut bait on the railings.  I was truly impressed.

We talked with a lot of the anglers out there.  One man, Pete, has fished there for over 100 days straight, ever since the pier was reopened after the BP Oil Spill.  People love fishing out there.  It was interesting to see the baits they use, how they rig their lines and get the fish up out of the water.  When a big fish is on, its a joint effort to get it in. 

CLICK HERE to visit a very nice webpage on the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach website that tells all about the pier.

You might want to navigate the site for all sorts of good information about lodging, dining, and tourism information.  The Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area is a great destination for your next vacation.   Whether it's for a memorable inshore or offshore fishing trip or just enjoying the clean white sand beaches and tourist attractions with the family, this is the place to be. 

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