Gills and Crappie by Hermann's Lowlife Bar and Grill

Marcy & Wayne from Herman's Lowlife Bar and Grill by Neilsen's Channel sent me and email and some photos that they receieved from one of their customers.

Pretty neat.   Check it out..

See Bluegill Bill's email & pics below! Yesterday's fishermen caught 50 bluegill, 4 crappie and a couple of undersized bass (released of course).
Here's a fun story, a guy showed up the other day in a little 2 door sedan wanting to launch a boat. We're like, where's the boat? He pulls out a couple of inflatable pontoons, couple of swivel seats, and kick ass trolling motor, and he was on the water in ten minutes flat! We were impressed. He said about $1,000 for the whole shebang.
Hope to see all of ya soon! Happy fishin!  Oh ya, by the way, we finally printed up Hermann's Lowlife t-shirts - come and get 'em!

Here is Bluegill Bill's email...

Had a Great time yesterday. I ended up with 28 gills and 4 crappie. Biggest gill was 8 1/2'' and biggest crappie was just shy of 12''

Average gill that was kept was 7 1/2'' Will be back sometime next week. Bill (aka) Bluegill Bill


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