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Men and women of all ages are trying and enjoying the clay target shooting sports.  On any given day of operation at Frankfort Sportsman Club in Mokena you will find children as young as ten, moms and dads, and grandparents enjoying the challenge of breaking clay targets in the sports of trap, skeet, and five stand.  This is not a recently developed trend or fad.  The Frankfort Sportsman Club has been serving this diverse membership since 1947 at their 8200 W. 191st Street location, which is now one of the closest in existence to Cook County.


Longevity and location, however, are not the primary issues at the club, although they are remarkable.  Of greater importance to the club membership is the fact that in sixty-three years the club has never had a firearm-related accident or injury.  This excellent record is maintained by adherence to a strict safety policy that is endorsed in writing by every member and renewed annually.


At the club's recent Annual Picnic, over ninety members, their families, and friends, enjoyed organized competition in the clay sports as well as great food and soft drinks (alcoholic beverages are never allowed at the club), beautiful weather, and a day of congeniality.  Prizes were awarded to the highest scorers in seven different clay events including trap shooting contests for children under sixteen, for ladies only, in several other versions of trap competitions, and in Five Stand.  Numerous door prizes and raffles were also enjoyed by the attendees.

The Annual Picnic is just one of several special events held at the club.  Others include a St. Pat's Day Shoot in the spring, a Turkey Shoot around Thanksgiving, a Christmas Party and Ham Shoot, and a Polar Bear Shoot (no bears are used or injured) on the first day of January.


Regular operation days at Frankfort Sportsman Club include open shooting on Wednesday and Friday evenings and Sundays from 9AM to 4PM.  In addition there are leagues in trap and five stand that shoot on Monday evenings.


In addition to the above, Frankfort Sportsman Club makes its facilities available to a variety of organizations and for other special events. This year the club has hosted a Pheasants Forever Family Evening event and outings for several firefighter locals, including Blue Island Firefighters and Chicago District Five.  A two day hunter safety course was also conducted by certified instructors with club support.


Membership to the Frankfort Sportsman Club is limited, but new members are currently being considered.  There are several levels of membership that might appeal to prospects.  All levels of membership require current Illinois FOID cards for residents of the state.  There is a thirty day membership which provides access to the facilities and allows interested parties to get a feel for the operation and the membership.  Club President Brian Svoboda has stated that most thirty day members move on to permanent membership when they see what is offered and have a chance to interact with the very helpful and diverse membership. The "Sportsman" membership provides full immediate family access to the club with reduced rates for range fees and complete voting rights in decisions taken by the organization.


Visitors to Frankfort Sportsman Club during regular hours of operation are always warmly welcomed.  If you'd like to stop by to check the club out, feel free to do so, or you can contact the club at 815-469-9887.

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